Pandora’s Box, Ray J-Little Lucifer, Young Buck, Clive Davis & the Assassination of Whitney Houston

11 03 2012

Whitney Houston, the  Riff-Raff & Psychological Warfare


It is ironic and sad that Whitney Houston has had more personal security and security concerns around her dead than when she was alive and well in Los Angeles. I wish the people who fought so hard to protect her privacy in death could have shown a quarter of that zeal to protect her while she was alive.

During the late 1980s, I traveled through the back country of the Brazilian City  Rio de Janeiro. I was surprised when I found that poor, devalued and exploited  female children of color that couldn’t read English cherished the images of women of color found in American magazines.

They cherished the very images of women entertainers of color because it told them a thousand words that there was HOPE and PROMISE that their dreams and aspirations could come true.  It showed them that they could one day be strong enough to throw off the chains of poverty and oppression, and determine their own destiny. We often take our beautiful young women of color in the entertainment industry for granted, but they present very powerful images to the world.  You add together color, beauty, power and being the best, the top  in the World. That’s extremely powerful subliminal imaging to the masses of poor and oppressed.


Black Diva of International Track and Field, Florence Griffith-Joyner (born Florence Delorez Griffith), also known as Flo-Jo  out of Jordan Downs Housing Project in LA is still considered the “fastest woman of all time” based on the fact that she still holds the world record for both the 100 meters and 200 meters, both set in 1988 and never seriously challenged.

She possessed a world-class sense  and presence of unparalleled charm, beauty, strength,  and superior intelligence. Her image alone had spoken a thousand words in an universal language. In 1998, she just dropped dead at the age of 38.  Flo-Jo didn’t fit the ILLUMINATI’S picture of racial  “World View.” That’s psychological warfare!

Psychological Warfare, “the use of propaganda, threats and other psychological techniques to mislead, intimidate, demoralize, or otherwise influence the thinking or behavior of an opponent.”Modern-day psychological warfare sees its origins in Nazi Ideology during the second world war in the form of what the Nazis called ‘Weltenshunkrieg’ (pronounced ‘Welten-shun-kreeg’). This was the idea of imposing the Nazi’s world view and beliefs onto the countries they’d occupied in an attempt to bestow the Nazi beliefs amongst the majority of the world’s population. This type of human behaviour manipulation was adapted and renamed ‘psychological warfare.’


The  late Black Diva Whitney Houston wasn’t a warrior princess. She was innocent. She was a warm, charming, beautiful, gentle and fragile spirit and soul that we loved so much. They took advantage of her universal innocence, love, gentleness and open heart to destroy her from within. Chaka Khan has been one of the few music industry artists with the heart to speak out that Whitney Houston shouldn’t have been alone in Los Angeles to be literally setup for murder.


“I stand on, whoever flew her [Clive Davis] out to perform at that party, should have provided someone to be there,” Khan, 58, said on Piers Morgan Tonight. “To somehow, keep the riff-raff out of the situation. To keep the dangerous people away.”[1]

In the days preceding her death in LA, Whitney Houston certainly wasn’t treated like she was one of the most elite, awarded, and best selling female artist of all time in the world.[2] She had no security around her until the day she also just dropped dead at the age of 48, even then her security said her body was already cold. She had been dead for some time with her legs sticking straight up in the bathtub as if her body had gone into rigor mortis. That’s Psychological Warfare!

Most of us are still wondering how two-bit messy ass rappers like Ray J and Young Buck were allowed to get so close to the center of the death of a international mega superstar and national treasury like Whitney Houston without a great deal of suspicion, outrage and public scrutiny, even from the so-called Hip Hop Generation. Nobody seems interested in pursuing the matter not even her family, so-called friends, the Beverly Hills Police or the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. The investigation into Whitney Houston’s death is being “WHITEWASHED” of Ray J and Young Buck.

Young Buck, “Ray J found Whitney Houston Dead”


Above, Young Buck flashing the ILLUMINATI pyramid hand symbol with Skull and Bones (Brotherhood of Death) black shirt. On February 11, 2012, “CNN confirms that Ray J found Whitney dead Saturday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.”[3] Initially according to CNN reporter Alan Duke, popular artist Ray J was the one who found Whitney Houston dead in the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Duke says he was told by Ray J’s friend — a man who goes by the moniker “The Real Young Buck” – that Ray J was the one who found Houston dead, and that Ray J told him that he is distraught and “tripping right now.”[4]

An insider to Whitney Houston’s Homicide Investigation reported that “Ray J is under investigation by the Beverly Hills PD. I know Ray was getting high with Whitney on Thursday night in her hotel room the cops know too. Ray was on ecstasy, and they was passing around a primo. Whitney was hitting the primo and drinking alcohol. Her and Ray ended up having an argument in the room, before they went to the club. The original Young Buck (Ray’s Buck not G Unit), is under investigation too.”[5] Primo is marijuana and crack. Again, the source of the story had been Young Buck.

Before Whitney’s death, Young Buck had some interesting things to say about Whitney and Bobby Brown in “Get Buck”, [Intro] Yeah!!! Get ’em Buck!!! [Verse 1]:

“… And a zip ain’t shit I need a quarter P of Purp
‘Gon break it down, pass it all around
I can serve Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
Them dope boys in this bitch like, let me buy that …”[6]

A quarter pound of purp is marijuana. It appears that Young Buck had inside information about the “cutouts” paid to keep Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown supplied with drugs, and wanted in on the deal. How did Young Buck know about some of the intimate details of her death so soon after she was found dead in the hotel room? Could Young Buck have been positioning himself for a big payoff from some of the players that he knew had been directly involved in the Assassination of Whitney Houston at the Beverly Hilton?

On March 4, 2012, Sunday morning, Young Buck survived a drive-by shooting. Police in Nashville, Tennessee, said his car was hit by 11 shots, and though 10 caused no harm, one caused a minor shoulder wound to his girlfriend, Kenyetta Rainey.[7] It had to be warning shots. These people aren’t trained to miss their targets, and they don’t play games. They will not miss the mark next time.

In that infamous recorded telephone conversation between Ray J-Little Lucifer, Raz B, and Young Buck involving HollyWeird MK ULTRA styled Boy Sex Toys and U.S. Entertainment Industry Producer Chris Stokes, Ray J told Raz B that the Chris Stokes’ thing had to be quashed before it leads to other things, opens Pandora’s Box.

Under Little Lucifer, Pandora’s Box opens to a sea of sad, lost, troubled and twisted young souls like Monica Laura Leon known as “DANGER.”

Little Lucifer: DANGER in Pandora’s Box


When I looked at Ray J and the young, beautiful, gifted, but troubled sister of color, Monica Laura Leon, I became rather troubled, disturbed and deeply saddened. I wrestled with myself for a while. Maybe, I didn’t want to go any farther. I was hesitant to open Little Lucifer’s “Pandora’s Box” because it was extremely distressing and I didn’t like what I saw.


In Classical Greek Mythology, Pandora was the first woman on Earth. Zeus ordered Hephaestus, the God of craftsmanship, to create her, so he did—using water and Earth. The gods endowed her with many gifts: Athena clothed her, Aphrodite gave her beauty, and Hermes speech. When Prometheus stole fire from heaven, Zeus took vengeance by presenting Pandora to Epimetheus, Prometheus’ brother. With her, Pandora was given a beautiful container which she was not to open under any circumstance. Impelled by her curiosity given to her by the gods, Pandora opened it, and all evil contained therein escaped and spread over the earth. She hastened to close the container, but the whole contents had escaped, except for one thing that lay at the bottom, which was Hope.[8] Another version of the myth portrays hope as a bug. “Hello, Pandora,” said the bug, hovering just out of reach. “My name is Hope.” With a nod of thanks for being set free. Hope flew out into the world.[9]

Danger &  Hope


Monica Laura Leon known as “Danger” played one of 14 young women on Ray J’s reality television show competing “For the Love of Ray J.” She was among the first to publicly out Ray J as a made for HollyWeird Boy Sex Toy. She said that Ray J and former member of the rap group G-Unit, Young Buck, were secret homosexual lovers.[10]

In her internet bio, she said that she was a San Francisco native of Mexican and African American descent. She started modeling at the age of ten (10) in San Francisco posing in campaigns for Neutrogena, Disney, Mattel, Visa, Seventeen Magazine, YM Magazine, Macy’s, Mervyns, Levi Strauss, and has starred in national commercials all before the age of fifteen. She studied ballet with a professional dance company, and enrolled in San Jose State University as a Biology & Child Development student while teaching pre-school. She maintained a 3.5 GPA, and founded an online campus newspaper, OurVoice: Making a Stand to Survive, which granted her a nomination for a Stella Award for outstanding contribution to Women’s Issues at the University.[11]


Above, Monica adorns a symbol of Pagan Owl Moloch-Molech. I suspect that she may have been used as one of the Monarch-Mind Controlled Child Sex Slaves victimized and abused by powerful elite pedophiles at the Bohemian Club nestled in the forest just outside of San Francisco. The Owl, Moloch, is sacred to their secret pagan human sacrifices that include children (2 Kings 23:10). From what she has said, she resides in Mill Valley just outside of the Bohemian Club.


After dropping out of college and an art school, Monica changed her name to “Butterfly” and founded Femme Fatale Entertainment, LLC, in Oakland, CA, which evolved into a special event company, specializing in underground concerts for unsigned artists, theater productions, youth talent shows, street dance battles, and poetry open mic nights. After studying acting at the American Conservatory Theater of San Francisco, the Black Repertory Theater of Berkley, and Brava Theater of San Francisco, she relocated to Los Angeles-HollyWeird in about 2006 to pursue her acting career.[12]


In HollyWeird, she ended up working the Hip Hop rapper circuits where she subsequently met Ray J. Among her named pre-Ray J Hip Hop circle was rapper Shorty Mack aka Derrelle Owens, above, with Little Lucifer. Shorty Mack is a close associate of the Norwoods. He appeared on numerous recordings by Ray J, including the Knockout remix of “Formal Invite” and the Smokin’ Trees version of “What I Need”. He also played the role of “Nyce” on Brandy’s sitcom Moesha.[13]

On YouTube, Monica said that she had been molested her whole life even as an infant. She was a victim of ritual sexual abuse common to the development of Iatrogenic Multiple Personality Disorder (See Colin A. Ross’ Bluebird, Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality By Psychiatrist, Chapter 23). She suggested that she may have up to at least 10 (ten) alters.

After leaving college, she changed her name to “Butterfly”, which strongly suggests that she had gone through MK ULTRA/Monarch-Butterfly mind control programming like Ray J’s sister Brandy. Briefly again, “Monarch’ programming (I use that as a loose term for organized trauma-based mind control; not necessarily under the specific umbrella of the CIA Project Monarch) to be used as a child sex-slave for “elite” and government pedophiles.”[14]


Monica has a large tattoo of a tiger on her face. She said that she put the tattoo on her face while going through some mental changes. The prominent cat symbol indicates special “Sex Kitten” programming.


“I have done [porn] pictures, I’ve been an exotic dancer and I’ve also done some prostitution and that’s something that I really didn’t want to just talk about right away cause it’s a scary scary thing, it has such a negative connotation to it. But I was a prostitute for about two and half years, and you know I was making alot of money, I had all this cash, shopping… all this shit, you know, nice car, nice place, but it didn’t make me happy…” Danger revealed about her past life.[15]

In a YouTube video that has been removed, she claimed to have been trained in martial arts and boxing,[16] indicating that she is a possible “sleeper” trained to kill on command.

What made “sex kittens” and “assassins” out of our “traumatized” MK ULTRA “mind-controlled” children was that they took their trauma PERSONALLY! When you take trauma personally, any trauma that you survive, the trauma TAKES you! Each one of the so called “victims” of MK ULTRA, had the CHOICE, even at a young age, to avoid the ego and drama that was a “pity party”. They all could have said to themselves, “Well it could have been worse, I could have DIED!” Instead, anyone who complains about being abused, physically, sexually, emotionally, etc., is focussing on what is a QUALITY of life issue, instead of a life and death issue, because, as Nietzsche says, “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger“![17]

In 2009, she shaved her hair off due to mental stress (post partum depression), and was involved in some type of alarming incident with her newborn female child. Her infant baby may have been ritually sexually abused by others as it had been done to her, which may have driven her off the deep end threatening to expose the entire sadistic operation. In one of the YouTube videos, she clearly said that “they can f**k her” before she was cut off and her attention directed elsewhere.[18]


She may have been triggered into a self destruct alter personality declared “insane” and forced into the mental institution for seven days, reprogrammed or wiped clean to protect her sources. According to, Child Protective Services subsequently removed the child from her custody and placed the baby girl with her father, Gabriel Cannon, brother of Nick Cannon (Mariah Carey).[19]

In this video, above, you can clearly see that Monica’s mind has been deliberately short circuited by drugs, keys or triggers. Undoubtedly, she is under weight, confused, disoriented in a dissociative state (TRANCE) flashing through various alters from a Harvard doctorate graduate to being Korean-Mexican, and royal.

On November 28, 2009, she kicked off her multi-city new art exhibit tour entitled “Danger in Wonderland” at the Kava Lounge in San Diego, CA. Alice in Wonderland programming and The Wizard of Oz programming are two popular themed base mind control programs still in use today.[20]

Walt Disney productions have played a major role in the Monarch mind control programming and some of their children’s films are being deliberately constructed with Monarch triggers and keys.[21] In her bio, Monica said that at a young age she did modeling for Walt Disney. Walt Disney is a notorious master ILLUMINATI pedophilia and children mind control sex slave operation.[22]

Danger: “Wendy Williams Ain’t Got Shit on What I Know”


In 2010, Danger threatened to tell everything she knew about the secret black HollyWeird. She said that “Wendy Williams Ain’t Got Shit on What I Know.”[23] Subsequently, Danger recanted her charge that Ray J was gay, and that she was never a prostitute, but circumstantial evidence suggest that she has undergone very sophisticated MK-ULTRA/Monarch mind control programming from an early age that she said was from infancy.

She would be a true Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) versus Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) ritually sexually traumatized and programmed after the age of 7 years old.[24] Our young, beautiful, but sad Monica Laura Leon is subject to be programmed to say or do anything for the ILLUMINATI, but she is young and there may still be HOPE  for her in the future, if she doesn’t turn dead too.

Little Lucifer: Young Buck in Pandora’s Box


Young Buck also represents an extremely troubling picture. Monica said that she knew Young Buck in Hip Hop circles before she knew Ray J. David Darnell Brown (born March 15, 1981), known as Young Buck, is an American Southern rapper. He is a former member of the New York City Hip-Hop group G-Unit, also a former artist of G-Unit Records as of Nov 26, 2011. He currently resides as president of his own record label “Cashville Records.” [25]


Young Buck opens up Little Lucifer’s Pandora’s Box to links to a notorious Satanic Pedophile and his Lucifer’s Workshop in New Orleans, Cash Money/Young Money Records, a Satanic Hip Hop Coven of a larger Luciferian Structure. Rapper Lil Wayne of Young Money/Cash Money Records says that he had been raped at age 11. He says that Baby aka Birdman [founder of Cash Money] took him into a room full of men and instructed a female to give him oral sex.[26] It was undoubtedly an “initiation rite” and ritualized sexual abuse of children to deliberately create multiple personality disorders(MPD)  layered with Satanism.

Young Buck began his career as a rapper around the same age as Lil Wayne, 12 (twelve) years old. He was given an opportunity to perform to before the same Brian “Baby” Williams, co-founder of Cash Money Records that “initiated” Lil Wayne into his New Orleans Satanic Hip Hop Coven.  After several years on and off of Cash Money Records, Young Buck and fellow rapper Juvenile decided to leave the label for good in 2000 and went to UTP Records, where he stayed until 2003. One of his early appearances was a feature where Young Buck appeared on the song “Memphis”, where he was featured along with Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat and other southern rappers. His deal with UTP later led to a meeting with New York rapper 50 Cent who later signed Buck to G-Unit Records, under Interscope Records.[27] Before his journey into the music industry Young Buck was a known hustler/drug dealer in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. This path in life led to him being shot.[28]


Young Buck began his rapper career in Lucifer’s Workshop, Cash Money/Young Money Entertainment, with the Baby-Birdman. Baby, the founder of Cash Money openly carries the sign of the BEAST, an inverted pentagram on the top of head.

“The pentagram with one point upwards repels evil, but a reversed pentagram, with two points upwards, is a symbol of the Devil and attracts sinister forces because it is upside down and because it stands for the number 2. It represents the great Goat of the witches’ Sabbath and the two upward points are the Goat’s horn.” -Richard Cavendish, The Black Arts.[29] “In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies a perverted power. The average person does not even suspect the occult properties of emblematic pentacles. (…)”[30]


The pentagram is used extensively in black magic, but when so used its form always differs in one of three ways: The star may be broken at one point by not permitting the converging lines to touch; it may be inverted by having one point down and two up; or it may be distorted by having the points of varying lengths. When used in black magic, the pentagram is called the “sign of the cloven hoof,” or the footprint of the Devil. The star with two points upward is also called the “Goat of Mendes,” because the inverted star is the same shape as a goat’s head.” -Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages.[31] For this reason, the inverted pentagram has been used in the emblem of Anton Lavey’s Church of Satan.[32]


As far as Satanic Ritual Sexual Abuse of young children in Lucifer’s Workshop in New Orleans, Young Buck had undoubtedly also been a Satanic “initiate” at an early age, he admits that he was there watching some of it go down,

“I seen that shit go down. I ain’t gonna sit here and fuckin’ lie…That is just some gay ass shit! To each their own, but I ain’t gonna sit here and fuckin’ lie. I can cosign my homeboy B.G. He didn’t play that shit and Juvy [Juvenile]…he stay far from that shit. But now…[Lil’] Wayne, that’s my nigga, but shit. And Turk, that’s my nigga, but he locked up in the pin…I got love for niggas, but I don’t got nothing but the truth…I ain’t throwing nobody under no bus. It was what it was.”[33]

There is absolutely no reason to believe that like Lil Wayne, Young Buck had not also been ritually sexually abused at an early age and “imitated” into Baby’s Satanic Hip Hop Coven. Little Lucifer’s Pandora’s Box and Young Buck open up Baby and Lil Wayne’s Satanic Hip Hop Coven and the secret ritualized satanic sexual abuse of children in Hip Hop circles. It gets worse.

Little Lucifer: Chris Stokes in Pandora’s Box


While Monica is going up and down, back and forth, Little Lucifer’s Pandora’s Box was opened again by Raz B of B2K. B2K was an American R&B music group. It was founded and managed by music producer Chris Stokes in 2001 with Lil’ Fizz, J-Boog, Raz-B, and Omarion as members. B2K was an R&B/Hip-Hop boy band of the early 2000s, until their break-up in 2004.


Allegedly, LA Producer Chris Stokes molested Raz B, Omarion, above, and Marques Houston at an early age through MK ULTRA/Monarch mind control methodology. Houston was a member of Chris Stokes boy’s groups, Immature/IMx, Mila J, and NLT.


Quindon (American Idol), above, & Raz B says Marques Houston raped them and other artists while Stokes watched.[34] Thus far, Raz B & Quinton Tarver (from American Idol) are not the only ones to come out and expose what happened to them.


The actor and comedian, Faizon Love, has opened up and said that the same thing happened to him. If you saw the 1995 movie, Friday, starring Chris Tucker and Ice Cube, then you remember Faizon Love as the infamous drug dealer, “Big Worm.”[35]

In this mess, Ray J’s name commonly pops up as one of Chris Stokes’ boy sex victims. Among these young brothers, they say that Chris Stokes, Marques Houston, and a few “others” throw ritualistic “initiation” parties just like Baby’s New Orleans Lucifer’s Satanic Coven with young, talented boys to guide them as far they can go through sexual perversion and abuse.


Ray-J and Marques Houston, above, along with the other members of Immature/IMX, use to have sleep overs at Chris Stokes’ house. They say that Ray-J lost his virginity to one of them boys back in the 90s.[36]


Brandy and her parent were well aware that Ray J was being ritually sexually abused and initiated into Chris Stokes’ boy sex toy cult, but cashed in on the ILLUMINATI’s secret Blood Oath Covenant for Fame and Fortune.[37] It’s a family business.


Ray J doesn’t deny being involved with Chris Stokes and Marques Houston early in his career during his most impressionate years as a child. His public cover story is that his beef with Stokes and Houston is that they stole money and projects from him.

“I had a problem with Chris Stokes and Marques Houston a couple of years ago, they were stealing money from me and taking projects that I had out and taking them away from me so I started doing “diss songs” about them just talking a lot of smack. That was at a time in my career when I was real reckless so I had a lot of diss songs talking about them and who they were. I was just dissing them, just cause I didn’t like them as people back in the day but I’m older now, I don’t regret what I said or what I did but I’m definitely at a new time in my life that I wouldn’t go there again.” [38]


He admitted that he had been in a past relationship with the pedophiles and that they were in fact in position to take advantage of him, but only regarding his finances and assets. That’s not how they play the game. That dog won’t hunt. They create helpless MK Ultra Boy Sex Toys for an elite and powerful ILLUMINATI/Luciferian pedophile underground. Below, Chris Stokes and sexual traumatized former American Idol contestant Quindon.


I pray that there is HOPE that these young brothers can also somehow find the strength to overcome. That takes us back to the question of how two-bit messy ass rappers like Ray J and Young Buck were allowed to get so close to a national treasury like Whitney Houston without a great deal of opposition, public outcry, and Beverly Hills Police and Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office scrutiny.

Who has the power to get CNN’s Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace to back off stirring up public and criminal inquiries into Ray J’s activities surrounding the Death of Whitney Houston? Who used Little Lucifer and Young Buck as classic “cutouts” in the Assassination of Whitney Houston?

Whitney Houston, Clive Davis & the ILLUMINATI


Above, Little Lucifer and Clive Davis huddled up and cozy at the Beverly Hilton the afternoon that Whitney Houston was found dead. The late Black Diva Phyllis Hyman maintained until death that Clive Davis was a powerful and elite underground pedophile. Ray J is part of that vast Luciferian corporate power structure in America with Lucifer as CEO that support Baby’s New Orleans Hip Hop Satanic Coven, and Chris Stokes’ LA Hip Hop Boy Sex Toy Cult.

The board of directors is composed from some of the most influential ruling oligarchic families around the world. Lucifer’s holding corporation is made up of a multitude of national and multi-national corporations with thousands of subsidiaries held together with a Blood Oath Covenant of Secrecy. Clive Davis would be the leader of one of its subsidiaries like Arista Records.


Davis is the founder of Arista Records. He named his record company after the elite Arista Honor Society of Brooklyn, New York where he was born. Arista’s logo and symbol is the “Lighted Touch” of the Goddess Columbia.


“Their most used symbols are the lighted torch, the symbol of knowledge and the Sun. When an initiate reaches a certain level in the pyramid they are said to be ‘illuminated,’ more symbolism of the lighted torch. One of the recurring stories in the ancient world is of a hero figure who takes fire (knowledge) from the ‘gods’ and gives it to the people – the chosen few people, that is … At the Rockefeller Center in New York today is a gold statue of Prometheus (gold, the solar metal of the gods) and he is holding the light, the fire, in line with the legend. To the Rockefellers this is not just a statue; it is a symbol of the whole scam they are involved in.” -David Icke, “The Biggest Secret.” [39]

Following the Illuminati torch symbol begins to unravel a larger mystery. The Brotherhood Goddess Isis/Semiramis holds the torch of enlightenment in the Statue of Liberty as well as the Columbia Pictures and Columbia Records logo. Columbia University’s symbol is also the torch/flame. CBS, “Columbia” Broadcasting System’s logo is the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati. The capital of the United States is Washington D.C. which stands for “District of Columbia.” America was discovered by a man named Columbus. The Fraternal order Knights of Columbus have been exposed aided the drug trade in Columbia the country. Columbia is the NASA space shuttle that blew up. Columbine is the high-school that suffered the mass shootings.[40]

“It goes back to a group of Freemasons that came to this country before the founding of our constitution, who were called the Colombians, known as the Colombian faction. They founded what we know as Columbia University. Out of that has come Columbia space shuttle, Columbia Pictures, and Columbia Broadcasting, CBS, with the all-seeing eye on the pyramid as their symbol. As a matter of fact, our government, our so-called government, is not even a part of our country. It is in an area called the District of Columbia, It is a separate district, not part of America at all. The simple truth behind that fact is that there was a section of the geography in this country that was set aside by a very powerful group of Freemasons, called the Colombian faction, working behind the scenes during the founding of this country.” -Jordan Maxwell, “Matrix of Power.”[41]

It was this very same “All Seeing Eye” Columbian factor (CBS) and its CEO William S. Paley of the CIA that brought Clive Davis and Arista into illumination in 1966 at the top of one of its power structures and record divisions. Clive Davis’ visible net worth is estimated to be around 800 million dollars.[42]


Little Lucifer, Ray J, on the other hand, exists on the fringes of this vast Luciferian Corporate power structure as an expendable human asset. Yet, it is still a very lucrative business to be one of Lucifer’s Servants.

In 1989, Ray J at the age of 8 years old started appearing in television commercials for different companies, which strongly suggest that had been “initiated” into Stokes’ Boy Sex Toy Cult at or before the age of 7.  He would be a true MDP like Monica Laura Leon ritually sexually traumatized and programmed before the age 7 years old. In television, Ray J got the role as a foster son in “The Sinbad Show from 1993-1994. In 1999, Ray J landed a role in Brandy’s UPN television series, “Moesha“, as Dorian D-Money. In 2005, Ray J joined the cast of UPN’s One On One, where he played the character of D-Mack for the final season.[43]

In 2009, Ray J got the feature role for a year in VHI’s “For the Love of Ray J.”[44] In April 2011, VHI again premiered Ray J in “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business.”[45] The Luciferian Corporation and the ILLUMINATI take care of its own, filtering down millions in privileges, perks and contracts from its multitude of national and multi-national corporations.

ILLUMINATI, Whitney Houston & the Big Pay Back


The day after Whitney Houston died. Sony Music (All Seeing Eye)  executives planned to meet within that week in New York to determine a strategy for marketing the nine albums, soundtracks and compilations that feature Whitney Houston.[46] Executives will also planned to discuss stepping up marketing efforts for the upcoming film “Sparkle,” a low-budget movie starring Houston that will be released in August, and for the accompanying soundtrack on which she sings two songs.[47]

Clive Davis, Sony’s chief creative officer and former CEO of Arista, stands to collect a share of the royalties as well for the three Houston albums on which he is credited as producer or executive producer. For those albums, he could get as much as 10 percent – or “points” – of the royalties, an accepted industry practice, according to one of the industry executives.[48]

Universal Music Group, a unit of Vivendi (former VP, Edgar Bronfman, Jr.), will also share in the anticipated increase in Whitney Houston sales. In 2007, the company purchased the music publishing rights to songs such as “The Greatest Love of All,” “Didn’t We Have it All” and “Saving All My Love for You” from songwriter Michael Masser.[49]


Recall, M.I.A, Madonna’s Fall of the Symbolic Black Diva and Satanic Rise of Baphomet  2012 Super Bowl Show, is connected with Benjamin Bronfman, son of Edgar, Jr.

Dixie  Hillbilly, Dolly Parton, controls the publishing rights, which enables her to license music, to “I Will Always Love You.” Parton wrote and recorded the song in 1973. “When Whitney did it, I got all the money for the publishing and for the writing, and I bought a lot of cheap wigs,” the ungrateful and insensitive racialist Parton told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in an interview in January.[50]

Recent news portrays Whitney Houston’s only surviving child, Bobbie Kristina Brown, as an heir to her mother’s fortune. It is an ILLUSION. The Estate of Whitney Houston is in hock to Sony and Clive Davis for quite a long time.

According to the NYDailyNews, a Music Industry veteran that is “familiar with Sony’s accounting” says that Houston’s estate “probably won’t see any royalty checks from her record label “in our lifetime” — and maybe longer — thanks in part to the number of advances and loans she [Whitney Houston] took from the $100 million deal she cut with Sony Music in 2001. He goes on to say that “Houston would have to posthumously sell more than 5 million albums “to repay her advances and start to get royalty checks.”[51] It was also reported that Clive Davis gave Whitney Houston a $1.2 million loan through Sony records that he also intends to collect from the estate.


Clive Davis’ payback out of Whitney Houston’s  estate would include the bills he paid for Whitney Houston’s Death Bed that he had reserved for her at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, along with the riff-raff MK ULTRA Satanic boy sex toys, Little Lucifer and Young Buck, to provide the diversions, false flags and the poison.












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11 03 2012

We can see the pattern in international warfare repeated in the hollywood matrix. Whitney simply couldn’t afford the ‘interest’ on her ‘loan’. Much like IMF gets to fraudulantly ‘own’ entire nations (see John Perkins Confessions of an Ecominic Hitman). It’s doubtful whether ‘Dolly’ controls her estate any more than MJ or Houston did theirs. All business fronts for money laundering and the pornographic political warfare that these eye-dolls represent.

Wouldn’t take Icke’s word for much – outed as a freemason btw.

12 03 2012

I can see what you’re saying. But, it’s much deeper and wide spread than I suspected. As far as Dolly, I believe that she has a great deal of input and control over her affairs, whether it is the Dixie Mafia or white privilege. You can’t discount race in any of this. These people are still working from Heinrich Himmler and SS paradigms. I am looking through La Toya Jackson’s book, Starting Over. She was programmed the same way that Patty Hearst was mind controlled. The Gambino Mob openly controlled her and finances and used her as an international drug and illegal securities courier. I just don’t think most white stars are subjected to such outlandish conditions and controls. Most are able to live out their lives and enjoy the fruits of their labor, but most Black stars keep turning up dead or broke.
Thanks, Princeray

13 03 2012

Oh, come off it. You don’t think white stars are subject to the same brutality and controls as blacks? You’re really blinded to the obvious through this false racism. You need to ‘get out’ more and perhaps do us the favour of reasearching what life is like for the white slaves, god knows we’ve researched into black history enough.

You see, you cannot flag yourself or your information up as truth when you are presenting a false information not based on fact. Maybe you’re just not intelligent enough to see the contradictions of this position or maybe you’ve got an agenda with da boss.

Either way, I promote unity through understand history within context and we have no differences except this inability to take responsibility in learning history for yourselves and the history of those suffering from your ignorance.

14 03 2012

Dear DaftAida,

You just won’t settle down and look at what is before your face. What existed in South Africa wasn’t blacks and whites acting in concert to randomly keep down other blacks and whites. It was a governmental system called apartheid, the separation of blacks and whites. What existed in this country for generations, United States, was systematic segregation, the separation of blacks and whites. The SS murdered Jews and the those they said were racially inferior to Germanic Whites. Why are you so insistent in arguing with history? It is plain and simple. If you ignore historical facts with the actors themselves, then we can’t find any common ground.

Thanks, Princeray

14 03 2012

OK. I’ll actually check out this Nat Turner (sounds familiar) if you’ll check out Tesla. I think you’ve got the better deal. Yes. So we have an appropriate tale for review just after the blood celebrations of Purim. Nat Turner …. sounds like a brain damaged (scar on temple) slave prone to hallucinations who (notably) aroused otheres to slaughter whites whether slaveholders or slaves, babies or adults. Poor thing was horribly executed. Alongside hundreds of thousands of whites undergoing the same as Turner or worse. Nice guy to honour as a hero. Worse to make into a ‘saint’. Nothing special there. I did not find accounts of white slaves (many former noblemen/women of Ireland) killing blacks. In fact whites and blacks often collaborated in rebellion, unfortunately sometimes for the whites who were often betrayed by their ‘god fearin’ black massa worshippin’ servants – the uncle toms).

Yes, there are levels of reading the bible depending on whether one is ignorant, of lower initiation or ‘wise’. It strikes me that the amount of years and research into such matters never ends and is endless still. But can we afford the luxury of time to unravel a collection of books armed to deceive the majority? I made myself promise never to engage in the fruitless exercise of speaking to the indoctrinated who cannot see beyond one book or ‘bible’. And here I have let myself down. I think 50 years of research and experience is more than many people get to live. Please do not assume ‘novice’ status. It’s one huge bundle of deception and I’m out of it long ago. Whether Christian sects, Jew-Ish, Muslim, Hindi, New Age all contain obvious, blinding truths 91-% ingredients) the rest is control; mind control.

The truth lies in the Vatican Vaults, The Smithsonian and other of their myriad records stolen via ‘crusades’. The latest raid being on the previous Babylon: Iraq, Egypt, Libya. Interesting to note that Israel (the place) sits on Canaan of course.

Fine, go ahead and make what you term ‘your people’ a special and seperate case, with special and separate rights and you tell me how that is not what we have got and the root of the problem. Meanwhile, lay off this white black thang.

13 03 2012

And finally on this matter, it is the bible iteself which promotes the ‘curse of Ham’ projected onto people of black skin colour and the bible itself which preaches humility and compliance to those enslaved, to honour and pray for their Masters, for the good lord (landlord) has seen fit in his wisdom to bequethe them status and wealth and no one can question the lord.

Paradoxically, this bible also preaches that the wealth of this world is sanctioned by alliegance to satan or the devil and the path taken will lead to hell.

The bible was written by the very scribes and pharisees so vilified and still yet, you can’t see it.

You see, the serpent’s whisper in that garden was ‘you are special – more special than anyone else’. The psychopathic mindset will and has created a multitude of fractual relgions, rituals, taboos, beliefs all of which defy nature and are insane.

So by being blinded by this silly book of Jew-Ish psychopathic genetic history, subtefuge and slaughter, this book full of examples of how we are now ruled by satanic forces who lied, cheated, murdered their way into the hitherto prosperous Nile region and having infected and killed that slave holding empire, went forth to plague the rest of the world 2000 years ago. And you have sworn an oath on this book where within its pages you were warned never to do so.

14 03 2012

Dear DaftAida,

I simple don’t believe that these things can so easily be capsulized in a few sweeping sentences, conclusions and assertions. The Bible is written in code, for those who know, not for those that don’t know. I tend to look at the Bible through the “Eyes of Nat Turner” that our ancestors recalled was the “March of the Phophet”. You have no concept of what I am talking about or what it meant to our people. Since 1833, Nat Tuner is still a mystery that haunt normal understanding. They are still studying his Bible in secret. Nat Turner was a man that they still can’t figure out how he could read. The way we look at the Bible, signs and symbols may be beyond your normal understanding. Take it easy. Do some serious study. It takes time.

Thanks, Princeray

13 03 2012

The Babylonian Talmud.

26 03 2012

You talk as if the Bible was written by men like yourselves (what’s this bs about the scribes and pharisees ) —- sorry to say God wrote the Bible using men he selected (chosen) and on a future day he will open the books (files) that we all carry between our ears and then the truth will be known by all men. And he will separate those who hate him from those who love him ————-therefore hell is nothing more than the ultimate guarantine. Just think, you get to hang with yourself forever.
By the way—the lie in the garden was “You will be like God” knowning good from evil. When they believed that lie the first virus of the mind came into existence thereby causing what is refered to as the “Fall of man”. Where did he fall? Into complete selfishness. Therein lies the problem.

4 04 2012

Dear JD,

I can’t argue with you on anything regarding the bible. I read some works that go back before the “Garden of Eden.” There was a garden at the foot of the Mountain of the Moon. The time that they talk about at the foot of the “Mountain of the Moon” may go back 100,000 years or earlier. I am not foolish to say anything for certain the book, but some works of the bible are roadmaps for those who know if you understand what I am saying. I do believe that the bible goes far beyond a literal reading and fair construction.

Thanks, Princeray

29 03 2012

sorry but this is article is inaccurate for the simple face, you have the WRONG young buck. “Original young buck” is the name of Ray J’s best friend. Not the rapper Young buck from G-Unit.

4 04 2012

Dear Shirley,

Thanks again for the information. I will make the correction in my next post on Whitney Houston and Ray J.

Thanks, Princeray

29 03 2012

This is the “Original Young Buck” Danger was talking about. Also, he made a cameo on “For the Love of Ray J”. He’s Ray J’s best friend, and was heard in the conversation Ray J had with Raz B. “Origina Young Buck” like Ray J is very effeminate.

4 04 2012

Dear Shirley,

Wow! Thanks for the information. I heard something about this before, but I couldn’t confirm or verify the information that there was an “Original Young Buck” other than Young Buck. I will make the correction in the next post on Whitney Houston and Ray J.

Thanks Again, Princeray

31 03 2012

This is one seriously interesting (and well written) article! What an expose’!!

4 04 2012

Dear Yoy50,

Thanks for reading and exploring the subject with me. I pray that some criminal convictions and real investigations come out of this, but I really doubt it. I keep the faith.


5 04 2012
Brandy’s Short Hair Cut And A (SUBLIMINAL) Message From “the elite”… PLUS A BRIEF UPDATE FROM “WHY O’ WHY?”! « Why O' Why?

[…] guess).  For a really well-written and interesting read on the sacrifice of Whitney, pop over to “In Search of Black Assassins”.  It’s a real “page turner”!  For the ‘young-uns’ out there, […]

9 04 2012

Honestly I love your blog and am going to reread this, but I object to the ‘taking trauma personally’ part. If you’re a ritually abused baby or child, or even older and you’re subjected to such severe abuse that you fragment into separate personalities, it is hardly a ‘pity party’ . This is such hideous, beyond the pale abuse that a baby or child doesn’t stand a chance against it. You can’t get up, get in your car and get out of there. When you’re older, then you know that you can ‘live like a target or an arrow’ Children are innocent and helpless. Disturbing lack of empathy- like you’re supposed to just ‘get over it’. I don’t think so.

15 04 2012

Dear Jeni,

I really not sure what your objection is. My father never recovered from Project CHATTER. It killed him. As a child, I lost all the love, comfort, support and companionship of my father. As a child, I was traumatized by an experience with my father and experimental CIA Mescaline or LSD that left me almost comatose. I am still not sure what happened. The experience is deeply imbedded and trapped in my subconscious to protect my sanity. For years, I knew something was wrong with me, but I couldn’t figure it out. This stuff is deep undercover. People are afraid to deal with or expose it and their fears are justified. I have been poisoned and almost didn’t make it. They play no games. There aren’t a lot of people willing to risk their lives opening up Pandora’s Box of MPD, MK ULTRA and governmental mind control abuse. I am not playing any games either. I mean to uncover my father’s case and let Justice Reign or Heaven Fall. Jeni, to deal with this stuff you must to a certain degree remove yourself from it. You must be able to separate and distance yourself and look down at it, study it and move on it or you get frustrated, confused and hurt. I am sorry if I opened anything, but I said that when I first started looking at this stuff in the post I became fearful, disturbed, hurt and confused. I had to step away from it for a while. I had to decide whether to walk away, look the other way or deal with it. Jenni, I not running away from it. It’s also a healing process for me and my family that went through Project CHATTER and my father.

Thanks, Princeray

Thanks, Princeray

14 05 2012

Awesome reading..I feel so Innocent and naive..Innocent compared to the filthy slime of the world..Poor Whitney H got duped BIG TYME..When I read clive davis is maybe worth 800 million I forget the word Seeable money..Maybe Money, estimated..He ripped Her off all along..She dies with almost nothing and He has 800 plus million..She gets a lousy 1.2 million$ loan..This all makes me very sick..I guess I should let Whitneys Murder go..I cant help sad..She was not completely innocent..Good research

24 06 2012

Dear Anna,

Whitney Houston became more valuable to them dead than alive. Amy Winehouse’s net worth was more than Whitney. Amy was an alcoholic and crackhead. Whitney sold millions of records for decades. It doesn’t make any sense. Whitney was foremost a rare sweet and extremely vulnerable individual. Remember, Phyllis Hyman was the opposite of Whitney. She was extremely strong, had her own opinion and very vocal against Clive Davis and the industry. She just dropped dead one day-end of story. There is more to the story than meets the eye of the public.

Sincerely, Princeray

25 11 2012

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25 01 2013

Dear Day Pro,

I am mostly interested in getting information to the People while I am able. Sincerely, Prinecray

8 12 2012

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25 01 2013

Dear Lemon,

Thanks for the comment. Sincerely, Princeray

19 12 2012
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8 01 2013
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20 02 2013

Hearing Young Buck Talk, is too funny. Where on earth do they find these Dumb Fuckers and the dumb white bitch, what’s your name? Tamar….toe up from the dope she’s smokin’ or is it the dope she’s with.

5 02 2014
lisa smith

all of these people are going to burn in hell god and jesus aint playing

1 03 2014

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actual effort to generate a really good article… but what can I
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5 03 2014

Dear The Guardian,

It has taken me a longtime to write. It was almost like I didn’t have a right to express myself. I am not endorsed by any university, school, group, agency or the government. I am not a professor or a teacher, but I put in my time. I have several college degrees and a doctorate. I have dedicated my life to years of toll and research. In the past, I have shared information with well known professionals, but they just cash in on your ideals and work without acknowledging the source like you don’t exist. I finally decided to push. If you have something to share with the world- PUSH. Sincerely, Princeray

6 03 2014

So amazingly well stated! I concur. Winks atcha’ my man, as we seem to have traveled much of the same past/path! 🙂 You are an EXCELLENT researcher AND writer!

Jazz 😉

31 03 2014
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