10 02 2016

As most of you know, I am not hardly a Beyonce fan. However, I have been a loyal football fan since elementary school. Recently for the last couple of years, I haven’t been feeling the super bowl due to its glaring singling out and unjust treatment of its black players like Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. This time, it was the domain that was racially problematic, Emerald City-San Francisco. It’s was like the super bowl was being played in Berlin during the 1930s, while it was feeding the sick and disabled to the ovens.

 Remember the Fort Pillow Massacre


On the drizzly morning of April 12, 1864, many of the surviving black soldiers who witnessed the cruelty and murders testified to a Joint Committee Senate and House of Representatives in May 1864, a week after the massacre occurred.

“Union sources asserted that although their troops surrendered, Major General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s troops [about 2,500] still executed them in cold blood, specifically the black troops, shouting out ‘No quarter! No quarter! Kill the damn ni**ers-; shoot them down.’  The black soldiers who survived testified that most of the men surrendered and threw down their weapons, only to be shot or beaten by the Confederate soldiers. Sergeant Henry F. Weaver (Co. C of the 6th USCT Heavy Artillery) stated that ‘The rebels charged after the flag of truce, the TN cavalry broke and was followed down the hill by the colored soldiers…They were shooting the negroes over my head…I saw one of the rebels and told him I would surrender, he said ‘We do not shoot white men,’…he ordered me away; [and] kept shooting the negroes…'”[1]


Major General Forrest was the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Both sides of the war reported that after the fort’s surviving garrison, most of it comprised of black soldiers, civilian workers, women, children and elders surrendered and was disarmed, the Confederates swarmed upon them and bayoneted, knifed, and clubbed some 250 men to death in an orgy of sadism and human savagery. Over two dozen were castrated and lynched.[2]

It was reported that more than 300 black soldiers, children, men, women and elderly were slaughtered in cold blooded savage inhumanity to man in the Fort Pillow Massacre. The Fort Pillow Massacre became a Union rallying cry among Black Soldiers and cemented their own resolve to see the war through to its conclusion.[3]

Remember Mario Woods


On December 2, 2015 just days before hosting the 50th Anniversary of the NFL Super Bowl in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mario Woods, 26-years-old, was sick and mentally disabled. He was in state of virtually defenseless- nervous, confused, incoherent when he was backed up against a wall and surrounded at every angle by a swarm of heavily armed San Francisco police officers. In cold blooded savage inhumanity to man, all of the officers opened fired on poor Mario Woods. He died in a hail of gunfire that resembled a firing squad like something out of Nazi Germany.[4]

Surrounding the 50th Anniversary of the NFL Super Bowl, the Extermination of Mario Woods has become a rallying cry among conscious people and cemented the peoples own resolve to see the criminal accountability of San Francisco Police for the Mario Woods’ homicide through to its conclusion




On this super bowl Sunday, my heart was tied up with the recently slaughtered, Mario Woods and his family. I just didn’t care to pay much attention to the NFL’s 2016 Super Bowl or who won or lost. However, Cam Newton is a real strange dude- a black superman among all things. Even with Cam Newton taking the world center stage with the Carolina (black) PANTHERS in the 50th NFL Super Bowl, I just wasn’t feeling it.


One problem with elite professional athletes like Cam Newton is that they are opening themselves to MIND CONTROL through Sports Psychology ( HYPNOSIS, GUIDED IMAGERY, ETC.) to limit and obliterate their natural godly consciousness of love, righteousness, truth, justice, and balance. Sports Psychology is a manipulation of experiences through TRANCE FORMATION. Sports psychologists structure the mindset and subconscious for athletes through imagery, guided imagery, mental practice, or visualization. [5] Guided Imagery has been CIA- MK ULTRA/MONARCH and Silva Mind Control training and methodology for decades.[6] Specialized guided imagery techniques is intended to “rewire” the subconscious.[7]

Military Psychologist also incorporate this technique to manipulate the minds and consciousness of military personnel and its elite mass murder forces. It is also mind control methods used by law-enforcement officers, and other comparable occupations. The mental training provides a structured approach to the training and development of the mental toughness skills (e.g., confidence, motivation, attention control, and emotional regulation)- de-sensibility and dissociation from the masses necessary for individuals to perform to their highest potential on any task for the STATE.[8]


This Weird Negro has a wrist full of Jewish Kabbalah Bracelets, Jewelry and Beads, Red and Pink Coral like beads wrap the wrist of the wearer in wishes for good fortune and protection against EVIL. From the looks of his wrist, Cam has a lot of Satanic EVIL EYES and DEMONS stalking him. Rich elite athletes like Cam Newton can’t respond to sensitive situations like the Assassination of Mario Woods because of their mind control programs are covert attention control/distraction conditioning controls and keys. Don’t get it twisted, I am not asserting any excuses for any athletes’ lack of consciousness and love for the people beyond their control to RESIST. Just like any other Covenant with Devil, in order to get those millions and not end up on a slab in the morgue, they enter into a blood oath covenants for fortune and fame, and enter into special programs to have own GOD conscious “REWIRED” and “WIRED” to guarantee that they distance themselves from the legitimate struggles and concerns of the masses.


Under his current state of mind manipulation and control, Cam Newton couldn’t win the super bowl even if he really wanted to. He had been “WIRED” to LOSE.

SUPERMAN – 1940s

Look, up in the sky!

It’s a bird!

It’s a plane!

It’s Superman!

Faster than a streak of lightning,

More powerful than the pounding surf,

Mightier than a roaring hurricane.

A Black Superman on Super Bowl Night before a global audience of millions upon millions- THAT DOG WON’T HUNT IN RACIST AMERICA. You ought to know that by now.



This is a picture of Brother Bobby Seale and I at the Free Huey Rally at Defremery Park in Oakland just after the Clandestine Government Panther Squad shot Little Bobby  Hutton to pieces in April 1968. The funeral home director told me that they had to piece and sew Little Bobby’s body parts back together for the funeral.  Little Bobby was a good brother that never harmed anyone. I don’t recognize himself. I had changed- pushed up against the wall. I become become older and HARD AS NAILS. I couldn’t see past tomorrow. I didn’t expect to see past tomorrow, and I didn’t intend to back up or back down.

Before Little Bobby’s name had been released to the public, many people that I knew thought it was me that had been slaughtered. As I entered the door at Merritt Jr. College,  It tore me apart to learn just how many, even people I didn’t know, greeted me at the door. Most had tears in their eyes. They showed me that they truly cared whether I lived or died. Little did they know that morning was supposed to be my last day alive. The Panther Squad had put a local drug dealer to kill me that morning as a pretext to a fight over a young lady that had been his former girlfriend. That was the first of two that I knew about. As I walked away her house, I saw him driving slowly on the street toward me. I knew who he was. In fact, everybody in town knew who he was and what he was except apparently the police, because I can’t remember this brother ever being busted for selling drugs in the community. I watched him. I didn’t run or hide. I watched him. He didn’t know if I was armed or not. Usually, I was. He finally drove slowly past me and up the street. At Merritt Jr. College later that morning, one of his boys told me that he had a shotgun. He had been directed to kill me, but he had somewhat of a nervous breakdown and just couldn’t or wouldn’t do it.  The other

If you want to know what the Panthers were about- please read the BPP Ten Point Plan.  What We Believe: 7. We believe we can end police brutality in our Black community by organizing Black self-defense groups that are dedicated to defending our Black community from racist police oppression and brutality. The second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States gives us the right to bear arms. We therefore believe that all Black people should arm themselves for self-defense.

We weren’t a group of criminals, hooligans and thugs. I was a full-time student.  We sat down and developed strict Rules of Conduct and Discipline for all party members like any other professional organizations. I had been the recording secretary for the initial member meetings for the first twelve rules.


I learned a great deal from Brother Bobby. Bobby was like my older brother. He was always accessible. Bobby would always take the time to give me the lowdown on any subject with numerous references for me to study. He was like a human encyclopedia and computer. Brother Bobby was an extrovert and a brilliant organizer, strategist, intellectual and a great communicator. On the other hand, Brother Huey was an introvert that you could barely only get a couple of words out of him. He was a full-time law student. In my insecurity and youth, I tried until I came to just trust in the quiet wisdom of the remarkable young brother. But when Brother Huey spoke especially in public, everybody stopped and listened. I witnessed that myself. What he said at times was absolutely spellbindingTRUTH to POWER. If you weren’t ready, Brother Huey wasn’t the one to follow. Bobby and Huey B. Newton had been a perfect pair and combination.

As I have said before, early in the formation of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense some local undercover federal or state agent posing as a friendly observer tried to talk me out of joining the Party. He talked about the secret dossiers and intelligence personality and psychological profiles that have been gathered on Brother Bobby and Huey. Back then, I was so young and ignorant, I didn’t understand what a dossier or intelligence profiles were, and what they were for. I was straight off the block. The bottom line was that they figured with Huey once removed, under pressure Brother Bobby couldn’t hold the Party together. It was a lost cause that I would be joining.

I was unable to decode or process that information, but It didn’t go in one ear and out the other. I placed the information in a cabinet drawer in my subconscious to be decoded and processed as I grew wiser mentally and spiritually stronger as I moved along. As I said, Brother Bobby was like an older brother to me. Simply put- would I believe someone that I loved like an older brother or a total stranger. At that time in my life, I believed in BPP Chairman Bobby Seale.

Along that path then, I learned a lot from Brother Bobby. Privately, Bobby would school me on revolutionary education and thought. He said that if there was to be a revolution in this country, we couldn’t do it with guns alone. He said that our real job was to appeal to and win the “hearts & minds” of the people. Bobby said that we had to create a culture of resistance and revolution around the masses.

He said as the Vanguard– we had to be foremost gentlemen, lovers and scholars among the people not brutes. He said don’t push the people away. We needed poets, singers, dancers, writers and people in all segments of society to help us create legends, stories and songs around which to create a climate, culture of change, resistance and revolution. He made it be known that we begin that quest with our living legend- Huey P. Newton, the Minister of Defense.

I said that to say this. I half-heartedly looked at the super bowl half-time show. I had thought to myself. I wished there was someway to say something about the Mario Woods of the world that would displace this culture of frustration on our constant quest for justice, truth, righteousness and order in America and globally.


I saw Beyoncé  strut out for her part of the halftime performance. I said to myself, there’s Beyoncé, she is just doing her normal thing- glorifying SATAN and turned away. I didn’t notice the BPP BLACK BERETS that her background dancers were wearing. I just assumed it was going to be about SATAN and the ILLUMINATI, again. But, OH, MY LORD!



Today, two days after the super bowl it wasn’t about the Game, Denver’s defense, or NFL elite athletes Cam Newton or Peyton Manning, it was ALL over mass media and internet, it was about Beyoncé, the Beautiful Sisters & POWERFUL LOVING BLACK QUEENS that since the beginning they (Sethians) have also been fearful of,

“Beyoncé unleashes Black Panthers homage at Super Bowl 50.”[9]

“Clad in a black leotard with a gold embellished jacket, Beyoncé was flanked by dancers who sported afros and black berets, reportedly in reference to the Black Panther Party.”

“At one point during the performance the backup dancers and Beyoncé gave a salute, and they later formed an X formation, which the Twitterverse was quick to declare was a reference to Malcolm X.”

“This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party.”[10]


Talk about the sheer power of mass IMAGERY, and GUIDED IMAGERY. Not one of them had to say any words like, BLACK PANTHER PARTY FOR SELF DEFENSE, HUEY P. NEWTON or BOBBY SEALE. By just the vision and IMAGERY of BLACKNESS, BLACK BERETS and CLENCHED BLACK POWER FISTS in UNITY were enough to shake up, wake up and frighten the nation and the world, and DEMAND IMMEDIATE ATTENTION TO JUSTICE FOR MARIO WOODS AND HIS FAMILY.



I said this for a long time, Huey’s passed over to the other side back in 1989, but his IMAGE and LEGEND AND THE IMAGE OF BLACK PATHER PARTY FOR SELF DEFENSE IS AS POWERFUL AS EVER. They thought that if they cut off the Head of the BPPthe Body Would Die. Here it is 50 (fifty) years later in the 21st Century, and Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party for Self Defense is still alive, and the battle and struggle and resistance continues until we become LIBERATED.


In 1967, the Panther Squad led by Nazi Occultist Knight of the Black Sun, Baron Otto von Bolschwing, tried to ritually assassinate Brother Huey with a Magick SS German Luger, but Huey being the Remarkable Huey P. Newton that he was prevailed to kill his Oakland Police Department (OPD) officer assassin.  So all of the doubting Thomases,  even the OPD found and admitted ammo evidence into his case of a German Luger at the crime scene that conveniently just disappeared and vanished from the face of earth. The 9mm German Luger ammo could have been and still be traced to a source, but  nobody will go there, even today.

Most of the brothers and sisters of the 1960s, particularly, Kwame Turé (Stokely Carmichael) always believed that we must all practice patience and exercise UNDYING LOVE for our people, and be ready to welcome them home when they are ready to come home.  I not sure if Beyoncé is on her way home, but for me personally, what she did on Super Bowl Sunday was absolutely stunning, mind-blowing, beautiful, a big surprise, sheer joy, and a truly revolutionary act of resistance.



For sister Beyoncé, she has a long way to go. We have to wait to see what happens. But what she allowed to take place on Super Bowl Sunday in her name was a daring statement. For me as of now, Beyoncé, THE THRILL IS NOT GONE AWAY FOR GOOD,

 “Someday I know I’ll be open armed …
Just like I know a good man should!”


Along with the PEOPLE that LOVE HER!














12 responses

10 02 2016

Beyonce’s half time performance has Solange’s influence all over it. Solange has always behaved more like a free spirit who is comfortable in her own skin. Of the two sisters, Solange is the one who embraces her natural beauty and hair. I just have a feeling that Solange is the conscious muse that will help Beyonce come to the light. Your analysis of Cam Newton’s apparent mental wiring to lose, subconsciously through specialized guided imagery is more than thought provoking. Interesting to say the least. It reminds me of a scene from that Will Smith movie “Focus” which compels me to pay even closer attention to everything. Thank you for the post.

12 02 2016

Dear MsSunshine,

For a long time- too long, I had no idea what philosophy was. Both brother Stokely and H. Rap were Howard U undergraduates of philosophy and I always kept a mental note of it in the back of my mind, because these brothers had wisdom far beyond my understanding. Since antiquity, philosophers have associated sunshine with gravity and LOVE. They also associated this LOVE with the power and Breath of a Snake- attraction and gravity. However, one of the most powerful loves that exist is the Love of the Mother. So, I found your username and comment very interesting and mysterious. I intend to check out Will Smith’s Focus. Sincerely, Thank you, Princeray

12 02 2016

Oh wow, I can totally relate to the snake attraction as I have wondered for quite some time of the ancient Ethiopian religious practice of snake worship before the Greeks brought them European Christianity. I’ve been interested in learning about the snake’s spiritual significance from our ancestral memory ever since I attended an Ethiopian church service and saw murals of the Ethiopian slaying the snake. I have yet to find much info on it though. I also want to thank you for answering my decades long question about the reason behind Dr. Marcus Foster’s assassination. It makes total sense about that construction company getting their hands on school bond money and that is why I have asthma today for having to go the high school in those leaky, moldy portables on Grove St. while Tech on Broadway was condemned. Now if only you could demystify what was happening to the students at Longfellow Elementary when we would hear a painful high pitch ringing in the ears while the teachers didn’t. There was something really strange happening there in the 70s and I want to know if they were experimenting on us black children with sound. If anyone knows, it’s probably you. BTW, Sunshine is on our side.

10 02 2016

I’m surprised that you know Beyonce is an Illuminati tool, yet you still roll over when she rubs your belly. Contrived race wars were always part of their plan Prince Ray. If they can get us involved for reasons that we perceive as justifiable all the more powerful the spell. MLK’s way is still the correct one, and more important Christ’s. We all must turn the other cheek, especially when it goes against our feeeeelings.

12 02 2016

Dear Whammo,

Beyonce is still my SISTER. If your faith provides her with GRACE, and your Christ has his arms open for her if she asks for salvation and deliberance from her sins, then MY GOD CAN ACCEPT HER IF SHE COMES HOME!
Sincerely, Princerays

10 02 2016

Each One Teach One! Keep teaching. Knowledge is power. Unveil the ignorance.

11 02 2016

This is really great stuff! Great information on the Super Bowl!

11 02 2016

Exactly! Beyonce doesn’t care about what is really happening to the masses.
like you say all these high level slaves like Beyoncé or Cam Newton are under mind control and they are desensitized of the real concerns of the masses.
So what Beyonce did in the super bowl 50 was brave but it may have a hidden reason because everything went according to the plan.
The cold assassination of mario woods, days before the super bowl and the panthers going to the final for losing against broncos and Beyonce and her dancers supporting the black panthers! It is all part of the same plan to turn USA into a totally militarized country.

11 02 2016

Dear Kandi,

Thanks for the comment. Everything that they do don’t go according to plan. It can’t and will never go according to (GOD’S) plan if it is EVIL, criminal, and unjust. When they assassinated MLK,Jr., they had a plan, but all the king’s horses and men couldn’t protect them from 22 million pissed-off Black people. Every major city in America, even the nation’s capital went up in flames. When our ancestors came from under the yoke of slavery, even the Queen, Great Britain and France couldn’t rescue the South from 4 million pissed-off Africans. COINTELPRO, PROJECT CHAOS and all their other plans were designed to destroy and discredit HUEY & BBP, forever. Here it is 50 years later, the Panthers still have the magic, minds and hearts of the people. It’s important to keep in mind that the PANTHERS acted upon their constitutional rights, if they want to move on Black Americans for exercising their lawful rights, the people will come out of the walls. All Beyonce and the sisters did on Super Bowl Sunday were an expression of their 1st amendment rights. There can be COMPROMISE on our constitutional and human RIGHTS. Again, whether it is Beyonce or the Man in the Moon- seize the time & TAKE CONTROL OF THE NARRATIVE. Thanks Sincerely, Princeray

11 02 2016

Prince Ray. I have been a follower of this blog for a very long time and appreciate the knowledge you share. Your background in higher education, street smarts, Panther activism and Illuminati exposure are a force to be reckoned with.

But as the above poster stated, I don’t think Beyonce was sincere about her performance and most likely it was someone else’s idea to have the Panther motif. As you probably read, former Mayor Giuliani went into a tirade that she was attacking the police, and representing one the most powerful forces of Civil Rights, the Panthers. ( But of course that was called into question within the masses because of the negative image of Panthers as being dangerous, and unfortunately compromised.

I believe she did this performance at the hand of her handlers to further the race divide. While it was a respected show through most African American eyes, it infuriated the ignorant white masses. I think a better way to have brought awareness was to hold more signs of names of other black people being killed by police.

At any rate, keep up the good work. I suggest this blog to everyone I know from every walk of life. Peace and love.

11 02 2016

Dear John,

The open war against Black People have been going on for decades. When they executed poor Mario Woods, the SF Police Department didn’t care if the public saw what they did or not- that’s conditioning the masses. They have openly televised the slaughter our people in cold blood all over the United States for years, now. Himmler talked it- instilling FEAR in the masses. Don’t you see, I talking about changing cultures and climates. Bobby talked about it- SEIZE THE TIME. In the long run- we looked to changing, winning the hearts and minds of people- creating climates for change and resistance. It’s a slow process, but to be effective it must remain constant and persistent. Huey, Bobby and Stokely taught me to have undying love for the people, and trust in their hearts and minds. Seize this small wrinkle in time to educate the masses. Educate the masses about the Panthers, all that we declared was the HUMAN and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to arm, defend and organize ourselves, and our community around addressing police violence, and any other type of directed violence against the people. DON’T BACK DOWN or BACK UP from demanding and protecting your HUMAN and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. DEMAND that Ruthie respect the constitutional rights- freedom of expression of Beyonce, background dancers and Black People in general not the other way around -RESPECT WHITE PRIVILEGE. Beyonce committed no crimes. She acted in the freedom of expression guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. All the sisters did were strut black leather and black berets on national TV. During the super bowl, nobody said the name or their name, Huey P. Newton or Black Panther Party for Self Defense. WHITE BACKLASH- Brother Malcolm X said that we have been facing a WHITE BACKLASH in this country for over 400 years. Was it WHITE BACKLASH that killed Mario Woods or was it a savage racialist homicidal and criminal act? All that we have always demanded during the Civil Rights and Black Liberation Movements is that they respect and follow the laws of society and civilization. If they persist to attack citizens of the United States for expressing their lawful constitutional rights, then so be it, and the GLOBAL MASSES WILL COME OUT OF THE WALLS to support you. SEIZE THIS TIME, WHETHER IT COMES FROM THE MAN IN THE MOON OR BEYONCE. Thanks, Sincerely Princeray

16 02 2016

Can it be believed that the Superbowl Half-time entertainment committee didn’t ok the performance. It has had its desired effect – further division, twitter-led outrage, the ‘it’s racist’ meme, but that’s what it’s all about, especially at a sporting event where division rules.
Stadium rock – mass hypnotism.

The MSM is really pumping, pushing division all around the world.

White masses, ignorant or otherwise, have been slaughtered quite regularly, though of course by ‘their own people’.

One Black Panther that doesn’t seem to get mentioned so much is Fred Bennett.


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