29 06 2013

My Dear Dark and Lovely Young Sister, RACHEL JEANTEL


We know that you didn’t want to get involved in the murder trial of your friend. I understand that you aren’t the stupid and insolent young Black sister that mass media have unjustly portrayed you to be.

I understand that you are only 18 or 19 years old trying to complete high school. I understand that you speak three languages, Haitian-French Creole, Spanish and English. English is not your primary language.

Haitian Creole is your primary language. It is a complex and essentially a colonial language created on condition of human bondage and the ingenuity of your people to the circumstances of extreme racial oppression and brutality. It is a language and testament to human struggle. It is a creole based largely on 18th-century French and some West African languages, and has secondary influence from other languages.[1]



The judge’s duty is to manage the courtroom and protect witnesses from being badgered, harassed and diverted on collateral issues that tend to prejudice, confuse and compound issues and sidetrack the jury from the issues. However, it seems that George Zimmerman’s attorneys Don West and Mark O’Mara and the secret Masonic-ILLUMINATI have taken over the Florida Seminole County courtroom.


In court, George Zimmerman displays the secret “Descending Triangle” one of the hand signs of the Satanic Brotherhood of Death most often seen in court among the Masonic-ILLUMINATI. 


Fuhrer Adolf Hitler displaying the Satanic Brotherhood od Death ,“Descending Triangle,” the world’s “Ultimate Racial Mass Murderer.”


Dr. Conrad Murray– black pasty  and member of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry also displaying the Satanic Brotherhood of Death ,“Descending Triangle” in the courtroom. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite was brought into formal existence by Frederic the Great, the Rise of the Second Reich of Germany.


Under normal circumstances, if the court or attorneys had problems understanding your dialect or language, you should have been offered a translator or an interpreter. But that didn’t happen. You were entitled to the human dignity of a fair and just admonition from the court to be patient that because of your complex linguistic background that language barriers and dialect may be affecting your testimony. But that didn’t happen either.

Instead, you were badgered, humiliated and ridiculed before the eyes of the world –judicially lynched by America’s racist judicial system.

You are not and were not on trial when you testified to what you had witnessed leading to Trayvon Martin’s execution by George Zimmerman. You were just a witness, and a very important witness that spoke for Trayvon to the fear he experienced being chased and hunted down by a fiend just moments before his death.

Whether or not you attended Trayvon’s funeral or lied about why you didn’t go to his funeral was a complex, personal and emotional collateral issue. It doesn’t tend to prove or disprove any issues in the case. It was a cold- vicious racially based character attack intended to prejudice the jury, and yet the judge and prosecution allowed it to go on and no without admonishment or a spirited objection or protest to the injustice.

You can’t speak for Trayvon on whether or not he lied to you when he as they had alluded actually hid in a dark corner, laid in wait then suddenly racially charged and attacked Zimmerman that he perceived to be a “creepy ass cracker.”


You were right to resist, object and fight back. They were putting words in your mouth creating improper ILLUSIONS, speculative scenarios; and implanting subliminal messages attacking Trayvon’s character.

You are not an experienced witness and frankly I don’t believe an experienced witness could have withstood literally a free-for-all collateral “slash and burn” character assassination that you were subject to in the courtroom peering into all the aspects of your young life.

I admit that I didn’t have the courage to continue to watch them continually bash, badger, harass, degrade and humiliate you for almost two days at trial and then seeing it repeated over and over again at the top of the news of almost every television networks in America. It hurts that in America things seem trapped in another time and era.

My Dearest Sister Rachel, the way that they treated you in an American court was like watching a throwback to another era when blacks were incompetent as witnesses in legal cases involving whites.[2]

Against this gross injustice, you fought back as best as you could. Instead of commending you for your savvy and courage to standup against them, you were perceived and labeled to be stupid, defiant, disrespectful and insolent to the court and its processes.

My Dearest Sister Rachel, you were badgered, humiliated and ridiculed before the eyes of the world –judicially lynched by the Masonic -ILLUMINATI in America’s racist judicial system.

What does it matter that former football player, Chad Johnson, slapped his attorney on the rear end as an example of free expression. It is a customary innocent expression of brotherhood among athletics of a good play or hold your head up.


However, Florida Broward County Circuit Judge Kathleen McHugh exploded when people in the courtroom chucked at the harmless expression. She instantly sentenced Chad Johnson to 30 days in county jail. It wasn’t contemptible or offensive behavior, a form of disturbance that may impede the functionality of the court.[3]


It is ironic and a bitter pill to shallow that Chad wasn’t sent to jail for violently head butting and severely injuring his wife, Evelyn Lozada. He was sent to county jail for simply displaying perceived insolence to white privilege and authority in a Florida courtroom.

At most in all fairness, if she felt offended the judge should have issued a simple admonition, warning or fine. However, Johnson’s real offense was really perceived as “deference” -violated white expectations of black deference which has been a lynch-able offense and death sentence for Black People in America.[4]

The State of Florida is a place with a particular vicious history of unprecedented violence, brutality and repression against Black People since the early 19th Century. It is a place where Africans that found the courage or so-called insolence or deference to resist slavery and oppression were covered in tar and burned to death, and blown to bits.[5] Below, the Klan was another “Cult of the Brotherhood of Death” established by Confederate Brigadier General Albert Pike of  “The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.”


It is a state where a new study of lynching in the South found that Blacks were more likely to be lynched in Florida than in any other state.[6]

My young sister, I and most of America know that you resisted being there in that courtroom whether it is because of your fear of racist America or from being intentionally mis-educated, abused and alienated from mainstream America.

But, you had to be there. Righteousness, Goodness, Mercy and Justice put you there in what turned out to be Trayvon’s darkest moments in the shadows of death.

GOD put you at the other end of that phone and gave you the necessary courage to be there in that hostile courtroom facing dragons to speak for Trayvon that the world seems eager to dismiss and demonize as another Big Black Brute that the world is better off without.

My sister, at least for me, you stopped all the ILLUSIONARY pictures of Trayvon being implanted in the public’s psyche. You quieted the doubts, unfounded speculations and unjust false allegations attacking Trayvon’s character.

You put a human face on Trayvon. You painted that picture of Trayvon in the last minutes of life as a frightened young man on a dark and rainy night that had been singled out by Zimmerman because of his youth and the color of skin.

We followed you as you described for us- how he was afraid that he was being stalked and hunted. We listened as you described him running and trying to lose what turned out to be a racist murdering fiend.


My Dear Rachel, the rest is history. George Zimmerman stalked, haunted, chased down and executed 17 year old Trayvon Martin on the insidious and racist assumption that he was a young black punk up to no good. He didn’t need to be here on earth.


I shared lonely tears with you about the guilt; and pain seeing Trayvon’s body because his death was so unnecessary, unfair and short. For some of us, we share the guilt that we couldn’t have done more to make America a safe and better place in peace and harmony for our children to share with the rest of the world even a George Zimmerman.

It is so important that in these most challenging moments in history that you stand firm. They intend to push you and most young people of color off this planet. It is so important that you remain strong and firm in the public eye as a shining example of strength, courage and resistance for other young people to follow.

Rachel, the Late and Great Donny Hathaway says hang on to the world as it spins around. Don’t let the spin get you down. Someday, We‘ll All Be Free.

During the Civil War, Frederick Douglass once said that when it is Right and Just, we run to do battle.

For Trayvon and our basic Human Rights, my dear sister in that courtroom you were alone, wounded, surrounded and outnumbered, yet when it came for Righteousness and Justice to rain down, all alone, you ran to do Battle in the most difficult time and circumstances that experienced warriors and dragon slayers would have a difficult time to overcome.

It is sad fact in America that you are being unjustly attacked, maligned, probably threatened and severely criticized even for your very existence as a young Black Woman.


But, in your lowest moments of doubt, know for one thing that standing up to the DRAGON to deliver Trayvon’s message to the world, you have won my heart, and I believe the Hearts and Minds of the People.

They shall come to know the real EVIL and the ILLUMINATI that is really moving behind the scene of this case and rise to the occasion in your defense and DEMAND what is Right and Just for this Nation and its People: and bring to justice to those responsible for the senseless racial execution of TRAYVON MARTIN.











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30 06 2013

PR, I absolutely love u! I am not even going to begin to tell u how amazing u are and how insightful and provocative your blog is. But I must tell u love that is not a picture of Evelyn Lozado, I don’t know who that woman is…very sad.

30 06 2013
Kushite Prince

Great post Prince Ray! I don’t care what the say about her. We know how twisted the media can be! She is a very brave women. Much respect!

1 07 2013

Brother Ray while I commend you on this great article my this Lovely young girl. You kinda from my senses were drawn into divid and conquer paradigm of the Black Noblity known as the Edomites Judical System. We have to cover all fronts that includes Tracy Martin as well. Tracy has taken a pledge of unto BAAL(Lucifer/S#t#n) in Luciferian Intiation known as Freemasonry. Now you have forgotten about people who came to story Al Sharpton been shows such as the View and such. Basically why was Trayvon Kill to appease something or someone. Tracy via GEORGE VIA Robert have in Common??? Eiltism practices in Defacto Courts by those who use they double meaning language Legalese(scribersvlawyers) to trick or coversion upon the unto there Authority Do Understand(eng to correspond) In Courts unto Baal do you stand under there Authority. From My prospective they being the Satanic Serving Gov need a way usher Full Martial Law(Police State) into America(Ameru(Amar) cannonite serpent g unto land where people live upon. Still Great Post just be careful Not get suck into Divid and Conquer Hegalian Dilectic. Peace be with Let Holy Spirit Guide you among the Revealation to this Trayvon Martin *Killing Skuttles(Rainbow)

13 07 2013

Dear Travis,

I took seriously a comment from another reader about the Edomites, Freemasonry and BAAL MOLOCH. I addressed the issue in my latest post. What happened to young Rachel Jeantel was so far out of the box that there had to be a much bigger picture to explore. A while ago, I came across a reference to descendants of the secret high priest of BAAL MOLOCH actually running Obama and America’s foreign policy. I will interested in your comments and observations to Trayvon Martin and CALIBAN.

3 07 2013
Jamo Lorswal

Prince Ray, this is one of the greatest sources of information in the world, not to simply throw praise. I, Dr. Jamo Ghant Lorswal, Researcher, Writer, Novelist, Activist am under the Reclamation Process, The Redemption, regrouping original ABoriginal Rights. The Sovereign Movement, international in scope, maligned by false front FBI, Southern Poverty Laws (Paws) Center, ADL, and eraser chewing attorneys galore, is TAKING FOLKS OUT (capital letters!) of the MAtrix throw the MAsonics own esoteric paperwork. Of course they created a largesse of a long skeleton key of Routlege (ie, Secured Party Creditor, Power of Attornet, Etc BUT if you file corrctly they ‘let you out’ its like surviving the plank walk,

BECOME Sovereign, join the Republics of the World United, respecting each culture individually and living as a true globe, The courts are ALL under Sdmiralty Fealty Law, ya cain’t win that one- BUT if you wriggle out, you become free! Go to any of many worthy sites on filing UCC or give me an email

and let’s all wriggle out from under the pyro-mid togetha!

ps. I recently moved into S. Florida and the “underpants culture” the dumbing down of african-american young men is as universal as it is in any city (I have seen NY and Oakland) Oakland is horrible- cointelpro center! We must re-educate out

13 07 2013

Dear Dr. Jamo Lorswal,

I will check it out, but I am not likely to join any groups at this time, because my experience is that any group I join will be targeted. They don’t play! I do appreciate the information and your comment. I will soon be in touch. Thanks, Princeray

5 07 2013

Your words are not just for Black People, They are for all people. I am a White Woman who has been reading your blog for some time and following that unjust piece of manipulative justice called a “trial”. I applaud the Young Woman’s courage and Yours as well. God Bless Trayvon Martin, His Family and Friends and All of us. Keep up the good work. It matters.

13 07 2013

Dear Gayst,

Thank you for the comment. I really didn’t just want Black Folk to support Rachel Jeantel in these hours of great stress. My desire is that all people no matter what race see what’s really going on and hopefully take a stand. Please excuse my expression but the shit is deep! One thing I learned from Huey P. Newton is that we move on with the people that’s ready no matter the numbers. Sincerely, Princeray

10 07 2013

Hello Prince Ray, please google Trayvon Martin dad FREEMASON AND GET THE WORD OUT SIR.

13 07 2013

Dear Excalibur,

My latest post address the Masonic and much deeper angles to the Trayvon Martin case. Thanks for the alert.

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