The Tale of Two Men, “Me and the Devil”, The Mind Rape & Death of Gil Scott Heron

4 06 2011

The Negro youth and moderate[s] must be made to understand that if they succumb to revolutionary teachings, they will be dead revolutionaries.” J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director

The Measure of a Warrior and Prince of the People, Geronimo ji-Jaga


On the eve of Gil Scott Heron’s passing, I find myself torn between praise and constructive criticism of the legacy that this brother left. As I was finishing this piece, Brother Geronimo ji-Jaga passed in the Motherland. I didn’t personally know Brother Geronimo of the Los Angeles Chapter. I had been just an expendable grunt in the Oakland Black Panther Party for Self Defense. High ranking panther brothers like Brother Geronimo, BPP Minister of Defense, had been bigger than life heroes to most of us.

All that I knew was that it was a testament that spoke volumes of the character of man when the Prince of Lumpen, Alprentice Bunchy Carter, named Brother Geronimo worthy to succeed him.  The Hip Hop Generation may take the occasions of their close passing to the other side to draw parallels between Brothers Gil Scott and Geronimo in the Black Liberation struggle. But, they know not what they say. Brother Geronimo left a legacy of consistent Liberation Ideology and a persistent struggle for Justice and Peace. Brother Gil Scott wrestled with the Devil and his own demons to the very end.

 Gil Scott Heron Wrestling with the Devil

If I had passed Gil Scott on the street, I couldn’t have known who he was or had been.  He had changed that much. The strength of that golden voice, genius and the faith and truth (TRUTH TO POWER) of Gil Scott’s messages was an inspiration to many of us. I still have reflections of him as he once was, upon a time.

During the late 70s, we often met with some of the nationalist brothers of Brian Jackson & The Midnight Band at the Umoja House on South Broadway in South Central Los Angeles. The brothers always made the connection in the community whenever the band was in town. Gil Scott didn’t come, but there were always reflections of him in the music, genius and the golden voice stirred in our soul. It was in our bones.

The brothers of the Midnight Band were his backbone. They loved him. They were looking out for him. Guiding him. Even then, the brothers in their infinite wisdom and love knew that Gil Scott needed the strength of a village. It was always painful to hear that Holly-Weird fame was pulling it all apart. We were the village, but he didn’t come.


And now it’s winter
Winter in America
Yes and all of the healers have been killed
Or sent away, yeah
But the people know, the people know
It’s winter
Winter in America…”  Gil Scott Heron, Winter inAmerica

The brothers of the Midnight Band never lost sight of his poignant song that if you’re poor and of color, fame changes nothing in face of the Luciferian New World Order (NWO). It was still “Winter in America” especially if the messages were revolutionary and spoke TRUTH TO POWER. But, we always knew Gil Scott was worth fighting for even back then in South Central Los Angeles. They talked about it, saving Gil Scott from himself. Gil Scott was a “healer” and we never lost sight that they wanted him to disappear.

In South Central, the community was always under the gun. We were always in a state of perpetual LAPD-COINTELPRO siege and surveillance. But, the heart and will of the community was always defiant, strong, faithful and resilient. Umoja (Swahili-“Unity”) was at its heart. They sent in PCP (Angel Dust) and Gil Scott warned us about it.


“…God only knew why they was dustin’!
Angel Dust, Please children would you listen.
Angel Dust, Just ain’t where it’s at.
Angel Dust, You won’t remember what you’re
missin’, but down some dead end streets
there ain’t no turnin’ back.”  -Gil Scott Heron, Angel Dust 

Ronald Reagan, Oliver North and the cavalry, the cast of “B” movie” rode into the Black Community with CIA-Crack Cocaine and Satan to injure, divide, distract, and break the back, heart and will of the people. The golden voice ended. The TRUTH TO POWER messages went silent, and his healing power and revolutionary spirit ended.

Gil Scott Heron was a victim of his own folly. The “B” movie cavalry didn’t vamp and drag him off to the train like a Huey P. Newton, Geronimo ji-Jaga or a H. Rap Brown, and so many other brothers and sisters. He didn’t fall back and disappear among the people to reemerge to strike like a Panther, the Vietcong or the Algerians. Brother Gil Scott became a crack cocaine addict on some dead end street in that “B” movie.

With the genius that brought him “Holly-Weird” fame, we knew that they would influence him to separate from the people that loved and surrounded him. With his genius of wisdom, spoken word, poetry, songwriting, and love for the people, Gil Scott Heron should have been our reverend elder statesman and celebrated among some of the World’s most influential and infamous human rights crusaders; folk songwriters and poet icons.

Gil Scott’s music, poetry and spoken word had been one more step to bring the community to a higher level of consciousness.[1] Brother Gil Scott’s TRUTH TO POWER messages regarding inequalities in the US, apartheid in South Africa, Watergate Scandal, and Ronald Reagan’s 1981 election in “B Movie” made a lot of enemies and a target in high places for COINTELPRO and Mind Rape.

Gil Scott Heron & Mind Rape Ideologies

“I have to admit,” said Scott-Heron, “Obama is making some amazing strides for black people everywhere, and it appears that not only will the revolution will be televised, it’ll be highly televised.  Shit is everywhere!”

“That brotha’s on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews…  You can’t get Obama off the television.  It’s freakin’ ridiculous!”

“I seriously thought by now there’d be some new technology or something, like a hologram machine or whatever, that would cover all this shit.  It was the 1970s and I was shooting a lot of skag [heroin], watching Jetsons reruns.  I guess I didn’t know what the hell I was talking about.  Live and learn.”[2]

Gil Scott Heron Wrestling with Satan and Demons, Obama & Holograms

Me and the Devil

“Early this morning
When you knocked
Upon my door  
An I say
Hello Satan
I believe its time to go
Me and the Devil
Walking side by side.”
–Gil Scott Heron

Now, we understand why Gil Scott didn’t come to the village.  He was wrestling with demons and Satan; shooting up heroin and watching “Holly-Weird” cartoon reruns like a Tiger Woods.

Brother Gil Scott got caught in his own reflections and illusions that were much bigger than the people and struggle he loved. Finally, he casted himself in the staring role in his own “B” Monster and Scary Movie that never seemed to end. In the end, he ended up like Lon Chaney, “A Man with a Thousand Faces.” Gil Scott had sold his Soul to the Devil.

The Obama Deception and Illusion

 “Obama is making some amazing strides for black people everywhere, and it appears that not only will the revolution will be televised, it’ll be highly televised.”Gil Scott Heron 

It is also interesting that Gil Scott connected the U.S. Presidency (Barack Obama) with holograms, future mind war “artificial telepathy” technology. He may have very well known exactly what he was talking about.

Artificial Telepathy used as a “non-lethal” weapons system becomes an ideal means for the military industrial complex to target a subject for harassing demons to discredit, neutralize, or simply “mind rape” the target insane.[3]

A hologram is a projected three-dimensional representation of a person or object, normally used in communication or entertainment. Holograms were used mostly in telecommunications as an alternative to screens. A holocamera of any recorder or receiver would acquire the dimensions, form and movements of an object by means of ray scanning. This vision then could be transmitted simultaneously somewhere else, or stored and reproduced on a holoprojector at a later time.[4]

A secretly coded “Holy See” Project was also publicly exposed two decades ago. The Holy See Project was a collaborative of the CIA, Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the Vatican in the use of holograms to create visions of Angels, Light Beings, and demons, etc. to mind control populations.[5]

CNN recently broke ground in television holographic technology when it beamed into its Atlanta studios holographic images of “Will.” of Black Eye Peas. The holographic project was the decade long work of eerie vice president and the Washingtonbureau chief for CNN, David Bohrman. It is unknown if David Bohrman is related to escaped Nazi war criminal, Martin Bormann, head of the Nazi Party Chancellery (Parteikanzlei) and private secretary to Adolf Hitler.[6]

The Obama presidency administration may also very well be using illusions and holographic technology to bring us Obama holograms and illusions. It is an interesting concept to research and ponder in lieu of the NWO’s secret state of art of mass population mind control technology.   

Gil Scott Heron, Side to Side with in Joy with Lucifer and the NWO

I have been frank and direct, but I have always tried to use constructive criticism and the existence of alternative ideologies to redirect creativity to become a more functional people embraced by a radical political structure because we face a 21st Century clandestine persistent war of genocide against people of color.  

In this case, there is no need for constructive criticism. This is objective criticism that the Hip Hop Generation and the “Holly-Weird” Hip Hop Satanic Cults can’t deny in their praises to the brother.

Brother Gil Scott walked side by side in joy with Lucifer. “Me and the Devil,” he told you himself that he had sold his soul to Lucifer and the New World Order.  As for me, we lost Gil Scott to COINTELPRO, Lucifer and Crack Cocaine decades ago. R.I.P., My Dear Brother Gil Scott Heron.

Geronimo ji-Jaga like Brother DC (Donald Cox) had been falsely and unjustly framed for murder and exiled from his home and the ones that he loved and loved him for 27 years. Yet, he continued the struggle for liberation against some extremely illusionary, savage and clandestine forces that have covertly taken control over the United States and “deceiveth” the World.

I call them as they remain, “LUCIFER’S SERVANTS”. We can see the DEMONS that framed our brothers and sisters more and more clearly day after day.  We sincerely loved you, Brother Geronimo and hope to meet you in the “RENDEZVOUS OF VICTORY.” 



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23 06 2011

Tragic. Grew up listening to Gil as a teen…I’m so sick of all the destruction and the seeming invincibility of this Beast System, even though I know, eventually they will be defeated…

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