16 01 2010

In an absolutely atrocious and offense against humanity, doctors and nurses had setup a temporary hospital to treat some of Haiti’s earthquake victims. They even had operated on some of the patients and then totally abandoned the patients even the patients that they had operated on for alleged security concerns. They abandoned helpless, weak, critically ill Black Haitian patients on the floor with I-V’s sticking out of their bodies. CNN can’t cover it up, justify or rationize  it after the fact. It is outrageous. It is an act of genocide. It is a crime against humanity. What is the difference between America’s disaster relief response to the Katrina and Haiti Natural Disasters?

Katrina or Haiti?

It’s the same disturbing story when it comes to the U.S. government humanitarian relief even under President Barak Obama after a natural catastrophe in the Western Hemisphere, the dead and living are abandoned in the streets for days particularly if it is people of color, while the U.S. military-industrial-medical-congressional complex on standby.

Katrina or Haiti?

Katrina or Haiti?

Almost four days after a natural disaster that may have left up to 100,000 dead and countless injured, U.S. military-industrial-medical-congressional complex on standby, while other countries such as Cuba, China, Bolivia and Venezuela had boots on the ground rendering  aid, medical assistance, and resources within hours of the earthquake.  

Katrina or Haiti?

Almost four days after a 7.0 earthquake that may have leveled an entire city of millions,  mothers with helpless children left in the street without food, water and shelter, the U.S. military-industrial-medical-congressional complex remains on standby.

Katrina or Haiti?

Almost four days after one of the most devastating earthquakes to hit Haiti in over two hundred years, thousands of people left abandoned without food, water and shelter, the U.S. military-industrial-medical-congressional complex has turned Haiti’s only airport into a demilitarization zone to amass.

Katrina or Haiti?

Almost four years after an earthquake so shocking that it left a city of almost three million in darkness, without water, food, sanitation, shelter, transportation, schools, hospitals, government and an intrastructure, the U.S. military-industrial-medical-congressional complex refuses to render food or aid to  until it capriciously secures what, an intentionally starved and desperate population just like Katrina?

The fear of death by starvation or slowing bleeding to death, despite ample food and medical supplies surrounding the victims being controlled carpriciously by another under the ruse of humanitarian relief, is an integral part of inhumane covert psychological torture and warfare.  The survivors will never forget the centrality of hunger, pain,  suffering, and the injustice as it will be forever etched on his or her psyche, or the psyche of the people. If it is racially based, it is covert humanitarian genocide, a crime against humanity.

Is it the 2005 Katrina Natural Disaster in New Orleans or the Haiti Natural Disaster of 2010? Can you tell the difference? I can’t. Maybe, there is a different president in office, President Barak Obama, but think again. Who’s in charge of Haiti’s disaster relief? President Obama has put George W. Bush in charge of coordinating Haitian earthquake relief efforts. This is the same George W. Bush, the comander in chief of the U.S. military-industrial-medical-congressional complex, that played a quitar while people of color of New Orleans was left to wind and rain by one of the most powerful nations on earth. George W. Bush, an international genocidal war criminal, is in charge of Haiti’s humanitarian relief. It is a mockery to justice and humanity. It is a slap in the face of people of color around the world. It is a crime against humanity.

Just compare the U.S. military-industrial-medical-congressional complex’s immediate and quick multi-billion dollar response to the so-called Black Christmas bomber with only enough explosives in his dirty drawers to blow off his balls to America’s response to the magniude of innocent human suffering in Haiti. It is insideous racism on an international scale.



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7 07 2014
Kushite Prince

Very informative! Great post as always!

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