25 12 2009

Tiger Woods Protected Under Veil of Secrecy

Since infancy, Tiger Woods life has been shrouded by a veil of secrecy. Tiger has all the earmarks of a classic Black Manchurian Candidate. He had been sheltered within an artificially contrived environment at Stanford University, the handmaiden of the military-industrial-medical-congressional complex, while he cloned his skills on the way to becoming the (NOW) New World Order’s greatness programmed golfer. According to research, most Black Manchurian Candidates are individuals with created dissociative identity disorders that fall within the following five criteria:

1. Dissociate identity disorder created deliberately. Candidate usual has had contact with OSS, CIA, BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MK-ULTRA controllers or institutions or Military intelligence controllers or institutions, and prisons. Candidate’s contact may have been created through bloodlines, military recruitment, enlistment, imprisonment, or civilian employee of military institutions.

2. A new identity is implanted which includes multiple personalities. Candidate has sudden appearance of an unknown operative personality, or new behavior involving senseless and uncharacteristic violence.

3. Amnesia barriers are created. Candidate has had memory loss proximate, and during a specific operation.

4. Used in simulated or actual operations. Candidate carried out an operative or assassination, and killing(s) may have occurred during or close to national or state elections, or involved political, religious groups or figures.

5. Disposal after operation.  Candidate is killed or has had judge, or severely compromised jury trial, or guilty pleaded, declared insane or found suitable for commitment to mental institution, confined to solitary confinement in state or federal prison with restricted visitation with little or no access to inmate populations.

The Black Manchurian Candidate Criteria was expanded from the groundbreaking work of Colin A. Ross, M.D. in the operational use of multiple personality disorders by U.S. military and intelligence agencies.[1]  So far Tiger Woods has substantially met at least 4 of 5 criterions for a Black Manchurian Candidate. 

Criterion No. 1 Bloodline Connection & MK ULTRA Institutions

Bryon Bell, Setup Man & Keeper of the Tiger's Secrets

Tiger shroud of secrecy has been veiled by a small knot of tight-lipped friends. Tiger’s endless supplies of blond blue-eyed maidens came through his so-called best friend from Western High School in Anaheim, Bryon Bell. Bell is the president of Tiger Woods Design. Bell is always discreet about Tiger. Bell tells no tales. He does no public interviews.

Tigers’ half-blood siblings are afraid to say anything about him or Earl. Even Tida Woods is committed to silence about Tiger. Earl while he was alive like a good military intelligence officer that he was held Tiger’s secrets and did no talking. Earl, Tiger and his camp had a reputation for severing relationships with anyone that talks. [2] Why?

Earl Woods, Old Schoool Military Intelligence Operative

Tiger Wood’s father, Earl Woods, served two full tours of duty in the Vietnam War, the second as part of the elite United States Army Special Forces Green Berets. The Green Berets were trained and developed by Hitler’s Commando, Obersturmbannführer SS (Lieutenant Colonel) Otto Skorzeny’s Paladin Group. [3]

Reichsfuehrer Heinrich Himmler's SS Insignias

Earl Woods was a U.S. Defense Department Information School graduate. Near the end of his active duty career, Lt. Col. Woods was Professor of Military Science & Tactics, (Army ROTC) at the City College of New York.

In 1961, Woods was in Korea, and next year sent to Vietnam as a military advisor. President John F. Kennedy had vowed to withdraw U.S. military advisors from Vietnam just prior to his assassination in 1963.

Back in the US in 1966 in the march to escalate of the war in Vietnam, he volunteered for the Green Berets, an elite special force, and was appointed Special Services (CIA) Officer in Bangkok, Thailand in charge of organizing recreation for the troops as a cover.

U.S. Special Forces Insignias Copied from Obersturmbannfuhrer Otto Skorzeny's SS Special Forces

In August 1966, the CIA was setting up a huge interrogation-torture center in Udorn, Thailand as part of its counterinsurgency plans. Earl Woods met Kultida “Tida” Woods in Bangkok. “Tida” has Thai, Chinese, and Dutch ancestry. Undoubtedly, Tida was also working with the CIA when they met. Earl and Tida married on or around July 11, 1969 in Brooklyn, New York.

In 1970, Woods returned to Vietnam as part of the CIA Phoenix Assassination Program, where he became an assistant to a South Vietnamese Army officer, Colonel Phong. They fought together in many tight spots, and Phong more than once saved his life. Woods was so impressed by his friend that he called him “Tiger”.

In March 1974, Earl Woods retired as lieutenant-colonel. Woods then obtained a job in California with Arrowhead Products, and later McDonnell Douglas, one of the largest U.S. military intelligence contractors and part of the shadow government of America.

On December 30, 1975, Tida bore Earl Woods’ fourth child, Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, as a bloodline to SS Skorzeny’s trained U.S. Army Special Forces Command; and McDonnell Douglas.

The nickname, “Tiger”, came from Earl Woods’ friendship with Colonel Vuong Dang “Tiger” Phong, of the South Vietnamese Army above. At sometime, Earl Woods moved to Cypress, Orange County – a white neighborhood – because it was five minutes away from a naval golf course. The golf course is at Seal Beach Naval Weapons Base along the Pacific Ocean. It is a strange place to relocate just to play golf.

Seal Beach Weapons station is rumored to be attached by an underground tunnel to the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Base also on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. One of the most heavily identified trauma based mind control centers by children is located at China Lake. Hauptsturmführer-SS  (Captain) Dr. Josef Mengele, Angel of Death, is also alleged to have worked out of China Lake on mind control programs for the U.S. government under Project Paperclip. [4]

Earl Woods dedicated his son to Nazi racial science as a MK ULTRA bloodline medical experiment. Tiger’s programmers had vowed to turn Tiger into an extraordinary human clone. In Tiger’s infancy, Earl Woods had already proclaimed him as a gift to the world on a par with Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

From a child with Seal Beach and China Lake Naval Air Weapons Base as a backdrop, Tiger had been raised in highly structured artificially contrived environment in the shadow of the U.S.Army Special Operations Command. According to the Defense Press Service, As late as 2004, Tiger was continually involved in some type of special operation’s training and programming at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina home to the Joint Special Operations Command and Delta Force soldiers and SEALs.

Earl Woods said his son learned on the sniper course at Fort Bragg something that could have a direct impact on his golf game: that his left eye is his dominant eye. This, he said, will help his son with his “plumbing” on the course to determine where the ball will go.

Earl Woods said he used his military training to instill in Tiger the discipline and focus that has turned him into a world-renowned golfer. Woods said his son “was always inquisitive about the training I put him through,” particularly the “mental-toughness training,” and “wanted to know where that came from.” [5]

Earl Woods had helped mold Tiger into some type of U.S. Army experimental bloodline mind controlled clone that would be medically transformed into a multiple personality New World Order world class athlete or an assassin.

Criterion No. 2: Tiger Woods Developed Big Black Brute Operative Personality Obsessed with Blond Blue-Eyed Maidens

Prior to the public drama of the weekend of Thanksgiving 2009, Woods had an impeccable squeaky clean international image. In lieu of the magnitude of scandalous and outlandish revelations of the secret world of Tiger and his blond blue-eyed maidens, Woods’ image appeared to have been carefully manufactured, crafted and protected to benefit some future NWO agenda.

Tiger’s Blond Blue-Eyed Maidens, a dozen porn stars, cocktail waitresses and a party girl with connections to 9-11, may yet turn out to be an assortment of CIA Monarch mind controlled sex slaves and operatives. [6]

Criterion No. 3: Tiger Woods’ Disassociated States, and Memory Loss Proximate During the Specific Operation to Sensationally Disgrace Himself

In regards to the facts and events surrounding Tiger’s infamous auto accident, a lot of strange and odd things don’t add up or make any sense. Immediately after the car crash, a neighbor reported that Tiger was barefoot, asleep and snoring on the ground at the car.[7]

Reportedly, Tiger was in and out of consciousness, blinding in and out of a disassociated state. Tiger clearly appeared to be under the influence of something, [8] a post hypnotic state? At the hospital, doctors even had to use a breathing tube to assist Tiger’s respiration, which is odd and extremely strange reaction to a minor traffic accident.[9]

This is not the first time that Woods has suddenly lapsed into an extraordinary and abnormal disassociated “dormant state.” In June 2008, Tiger reportedly fell into a coma after allegedly eating a poisoned Granny Smith apple. [10]

Tiger’s wife, Elin Nordegren, was an immigrant and alien of Stockholm, Sweden when they were married. During World War II, Sweden a neutral country nevertheless provided steel to the Nazis war machine. It also allowed the Nazis to use its railways to invade Norway. Nazi Germany also needed Sweden strategically as a neutral country as a conduit for goods and foreign currency. It is not happenstance that after WWII, Sweden became Europe’s richest nation swelled with Nazi flight capital, which still welds a great deal of power and influence in Sweden, and the world.

Nordegren Photographed Inspecting an U.S. Naval Installation & Warship

Nordegren’s immigrant alien status at the time she was arranged to meet Tiger is suspect and unknown. In 2003, she was photographed visiting at an unidentified U.S. Naval base inspecting a warship for some interest.

Additionally, Elin was not a world class model. She was a former swimsuit model. Elin was working as a nanny for Swedish golfer Jesper Bo Parnevik before she was setup to marry the world’s richest and most well known athlete. With the marriage, Nordegren has acquired unprecedented access to world-wide governmental and social inner circles and networks.

Nordegren’s mom is Barbro Holmberg. She was born April 7, 1952 in Stensele, Västerbotten. She is a highly placed influential Swedish Social Democratic politician. On October 10, 2003, she was appointed Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy in the Swedish Government. As a consequence of the change of government following the 2006 government election, she left office on October 6, 2006. Holmberg is the governor of Gävleborg County, Sweden. [11] She has a degree in social work from the Department of Social Work, Stockholm University. [12]

Holmberg began her career in 1976 as a Research Assistant with National Board of Health and Welfare of Sweden. In 1977, she had been an Information Officer for the National Association for Aid to Drug Abusers (RFHL). [13] She is no strangler to clandestine governmental mind control research and development.

Verna Dannborg alleges that she was covertly implanted with mind control research brain electrodes by Swedish Cybergod Professor Torg Skoog of the National Board of Health and Welfare of Sweden. [14]

Has Tiger Woods’ brain been implanted with a similar experimental electrodes or micro chips which would explains the veil of secrecy surrounding him, and his sudden lapses into disassociated trances and states that causes him to even not recall how to breathe.  

Criterion No. 4: Tiger Used in Simulated Clandestine False Flag Operation (Operation Northwoods) to Polarize the Races

According to a source circulating at the Kremlin, it stated that the CIA ordered the  sensational ‘takedown’ of Tiger Woods in an effort to greater fuel their efforts to ignite a race war that the military industrial complex believe is needed in order to socially re-engineer the United States as it nears total economic collapse. [15]

According to the source, the reason behind the CIA’s targeting of Tiger Woods is the ‘deliberate demoralization’ of Americas black race population by the destruction and neutralization of one of their most esteemed idols by the racially stereotyped depiction of Tiger as an ‘out of control’ and ‘oversexed’ negro man unable to assimilate among whites. [16]

The report further stated that the ‘main target’ behind the media destruction of Woods is President Obama, whom the CIA has calculated will suffer increasing alienation from his Nations white population. Mixed raced Obama and Woods are viewed as the two most popular among Black people and the takedown of Tiger for has out of control sexual affairs with numerous Blond Blue-eyed maidens reinforce white Americans belief that ‘black men just can’t control themselves’. [17]

However, Tiger may have been intentionally triggered to implode to terminate Elin Nordegren’s secret spy information gathering operation on Wood’s secret military intelligence mind control programming.

Criterion No. 5: Disposal after Operation

Elin Nordegen, , and Barbro Holmberg are all foreign nationals. Nordegen was used as a honey-pot asset deliberately setup with Tiger. A honey-pot is a term used to describe an intelligence agency operative (usually opposite sex but could be same sex) who is used to sexually attract and then ensnare a predetermined targeted individual into an affair in order to gain information, and or to lure the target in a way that he or she could be set-up, framed, arrested or assassinated. [18]

Nordegen’s mission had been either to gather military intelligence information as a spy for a foreign concern on Tiger’s secret mind control project or monitor, supervise and oversee Tiger until he was setup to be triggered by the military industrial complex to mentally implode into an international scandal to demoralize people of color; and sensationally exposed him as a stereotypical out of control sexual deviant Big Black Brute.

There will be no reconciliation of the marriage. If everything goes as projected, at least half of Tiger’s acquired wealth is subject to become a national asset of Sweden.

One of Tiger’s acquired friends is D.J. Hanlon. Hanlon is the son of David P. Hanlon, President of the Rio Hotel/Casino of Las Vegas. He was also connected with Merv Griffin Resorts. Merv Griffin Resorts of Atlantic City, New Jersey took over Resorts International, Inc. that had substantial ties and connections with the Iran-Contra/Cocaine Affair William J. Casey, Director of the CIA [19]

Among his many interests, Hanlon is also the director of RemoteMDX, Inc. The company develops, markets, and sells wireless monitoring equipment and services to law enforcement and bail bond agencies. Its primary product is TrackerPAL — tracking devices worn on the ankle to monitor the whereabouts of criminals on parole or probation. Using global positioning system and cellular technology, the device features two-way voice communications, alarms, and Web-based location tracking in real time. RemoteMDx’s SecureAlert subsidiary provides monitoring services. The company electronically monitors some 12,700 offenders. [20]

RemoteMDX is eerily similar to the governmental monitoring objectives of people of color once advanced by Dr. Louis Jolyon West’s Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence. [21]

Currently, Woods is surrounded by his shroud of close friends. He has reverted into some sort of infantile disassociate state and spends most his time watching cartoons and eating cereal until he is rewired and reprogrammed with a NWO agenda chip. [22]

Is it so hard to believe that Tiger Woods had been a secret MK ULTRA “racial matters” experimental super athlete manufactured by the U.S. Army Joint Chiefs of Staff, and then imploded as a continuation of the Northwoods Project to foment national racial discord as a veil to cover-up Nordegren’s successful spy penetration and infiltration?   I don’t think so!

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2 01 2010

Brilliant post! –had just completed my first post “TigerSluts” on my first blog and saw this…referenced ur post re: Tiger quite liberally (embarrassingly so) gave u much love, pieces fit together so well… we have much in common…must talk! (taught personally by Betty Shabazz back in the day, Pops best friend Gus Newport, Malcolm’s point man)…pls stop by http://www.youtube.com/user/intheknow7 — after decades of accumulation, the breathing out has begun…could really use some wise counsel from one who is enlightened…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

3 01 2010


We Will Talk…And Share…And Learn…And Teach…

5 01 2011

Really? Sure it is odd that he was sleeping at the accident. But your main point is that all of this was done by the CIA to reaffirm a supposed belief that whites think black men can’t control themselves. And that this was supposed to somehow re-engineer our society to prepare us for the coming economic collapse and new social order. Did I get that right? So then black males are being targeted by the CIA to feel inferior b/c all of their half black role models are porking white chicks and they cant keep their stuff together? Or is it to rekindle a shrinking white supremacy? I don’t know man. Seems pretty far fetched. Why not just say Tiger’s dad brainwashed him to be an awesome golfer, and on thanksgiving he hit his head when he crashed and knocked himself silly. Obama is half white don’t forget and Tiger half Asian. So what does that do to the Asian community? Youre silly.

10 01 2011

Dear dude 1,

No! No! No! My main point has nothing to do with the lack of ability of Black men controlling themselves. It is about “MASS CONTROL.” It is about “CONTROL OF THE MASSES.” It’s about “WORLD CONTROL.” It’s about “RACIAL GENOCIDE.” It’s about “SIX MILLION PEOPLE BEING EXTERMINATED IN GASE OVENS, AND THEIR BRAINS BLOWN OUT’ by mindless controlled. Mindless controlled in VIETNAM, AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ-BOMBING, ASSASSINATING AND KIDNAPPING PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD. Dude, let Dr. Huxley tell you what it’s really all about,

“It seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing…a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.” ALDOUS HUXLEY, quoted in John Marks, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control, 1980

Dude, Let Adolf Hitler tell you what it’s alll about, “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”

Thanks, Princeray

6 01 2011

I don’t think I’m connecting all the dots. Tiger is a golfer. How has he been used as a govt asset?

10 01 2011

Dear EmailRevealer,

“What luck for rulers that men do not think.” -Adolf Hitler

For generations, tyrants have been seeking ways to control the masses. CIA-MK ULTRA British Godfather, Aldous Huxley, believes that we should all take Soma/Mescaline/LSD and let the New World Order run the world or be brainwashed to let the New World Order run the world. The signs are all over the place. Look at “The Men Who at Stare at Goats.” Look at recent Hollywood production “Salt.” It’s about creating that perfect “cyber-human,” THE CYBORG. It’s about creating that perfect “cyber-soldier.” Himmler’s SS was a blueprint for a mindless super Cyborg RACE KILLER. Nazi Germany was reduced to a mindless Cyborg mass citizenry. It’s about that Jay-Z’s “Blueprint” for an Orwellian World of mind controlled masses. Tiger Woods is a “Blueprint.” What happened to Tiger when it does not “compute?” Tiger regressed to a world of cartoons. What do you think Tiger is doing with U.S. Army Special Forces? He represents the prototype of what tyrants have trying to create for generations. He is a “PROTOTYPE” to the mindless human Cyborg.

Thanks, Princeray

6 01 2011

Indeed. Awesome piece.

Add to this, I’d highly recommend (The Report from Iron Mountain) as another eye-opener.

Oh, and please note the latest black celebrity to hit the skids, no less than Oprah. She is being fried and if ‘exposed” will throw many a woman into deep depression. She is the other great Manchurian Candidate.

Interesting times indeed.



10 01 2011

Dear Anadianant,

I just don’t see Oprah going down at any time soon. She just opened her own television cable network. She recently featured one of her “MASTERS” of art, Satanist Jay-Z. I believe Oprah is still very dangerous, extremely dangerous and under complete control of the CIA and the Luciferian Doctrine.

Thanks, Princeray

6 01 2011

We know much more about Tiger than Barry Soetoro, or Barrack Obama or whatever his name is . . .

10 01 2011

Dear Mark,

I respectfully disagree. We know quite a bit about Obama. It is just as fantastic as Tiger’s background. Tiger’s father admitted that he’s programmed. He told you how he programmed him and the methodology, MK ULTRA. Obama’s background is CIA, the keeper of secrets and the mansion with many rooms. There is an extremely disturbing video on Youtube of former President Bill Clinton in trance under mind control. JFK was your last independent president and what happened? He was assassinated. Obama’s mystery lies behind NASA, Defense Intelligence Agency, Space Kids and Dr. Andrija Puharich. Obama’s mother was a protégé of Dr. Gregory Bateson at the University of Hawaii. Dr. Bateson was one of the British Godfathers of CIA-MK ULTRA and a trans-generational mind controller and expert. We know quite a bit about Obama, it isn’t very pretty. “What luck for rulers that men do not think.” –Adolf Hitler

Thanks, Princeray

26 01 2011

Ur article contains both info and crap, but one thing is absolutely certain: TIGER WOODS is an MK-ed slave. Let me have my points now, no matter how far-fetched they seem/are:

1. Research more Nazi and Hitler, but of course, not the official crap or the official consp. theory crap – they he was related to the Rotschilds bla ba bla. All these are Jewish/Zio inventions. These guys are master of deception, right? First they lie about the concentration camps and the number of victims – mind u, 6 millions of them – and then, playing the truth lovers fake card, come with crap about Hitler and Nazi. Puhleeze.

2. Joseph Mengele the real person was no murder and no “angel of death”. I hope one day the truth will come out. He was exactly the opposite of the “devil” portrayed by the Zio owned media. He was replaced by an imposter (a Jewish one) and he was the one who did the dirty work for which the poor real Mengele took the blame. The real Mengele and the man tried in Nurnberg are not the same person. All u have to do is research. And keep in mind one thing, tragic but real: Jews have been slashing each other for centuries and the countries they settled in have become the scapegoats. Others to do the dirty work for them. Examples are countless along the history.

3. Kennedy’s assassination was not… an assassination at all. The man shot back then was a Kennedy impersonator. The real president lived a long life, in reclusion (how else?). The whole assassination circus was meant to be a distraction of the sheeple.

4. All about Obama is fake and I mean really goddamm FAKE. He is nothing but a clone/artificially created human being. A puppet, obviously. Israel’s puppet preferably. Its obvious, isnt it?

5. Tiger Woods has been imposter replaced a few times. The real Tiger… who knows what may have happened to him? Its enuff to compare his pics along the years.

30 01 2011

Dear Elle,

You have had your points. Do you have document proof or references?

Thanks, Princeray

9 01 2011
10 01 2011
Everett Mann

Outstanding research. What I have check out checks out. Now just to sit back and wait for the next O.J. trial. Shouldn’t be long.

13 01 2011

See the you tube vid on Tiger on Mike Douglas show –

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wHkA_983_s There he is w/ Bob Hope –

See Brice Taylor’s book “Thanks for the Memories”


13 01 2011

Dear andie531,

I intend to read Brice Taylor’s book. Bob Hope also connects with the early development, programming and enigma of Jayne Kennedy. Jayne Kennedy was the infamous Black beauty queen and CBS Football host of the late 1970s and early 1980s that became the first star scandalized by a sex tape.

Thanks, Princeray

13 01 2011

come on people why are you making mind control a racea issue ?

You might be agent provacteurs who want a race war.

14 01 2011

Dear design,

I am a former member of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, If I wanted a race war it would happened decades ago when we were organized to strike at the heart of the BEAST. Nevertheless, mind control is currently a popular mass media theme, “The Men Who Stared at Goats”, “Conspiracy Theory”, “Salt”, and two movie versions of “Manchurian Candidate,” etc. without being a pretext to RACE WARS. “No man is as blind as the man that don’t want to see.”

No Thanks to Race Wars, Princeray

30 01 2011

Hey, not disagreeing with your info, but some of your replies (about NWO) are a bit sensational 🙂 I have studied the NWO, the Illuminati, as well as many occult methodologies, and have also known many people within these infrastructures.

I will tell you its not all about “perfect cyborgs” and “burning of 6 billion people.” That is the state of fear that they want you to be in when you think about everything you see. Yes New Age is a form of programming too, but so is the conspiracy theory market! I hope you see that 🙂

What i mean is..there is a balance…..not everything is negatives within the infrastructure, there are good people in those programs too and yea they help in secret. Where do you think you get all the access to your information and how they disseminate amongst people and the internet? Trust me the leakage is real. Some is endorsed some is not.

I believe you are ONTO something with Tiger, but you reach a bit far. Yes there is a greater agenda but its not just to decimate 6 billion people. The NWO goes further then that. And the NWO COULD be positive if it came from enlightenment, awareness, and people taking control of the power and money (not the elite). Remember that there is more than one NWO agenda.


31 01 2011

Dear YoYo,

As you know, I am not at all the final answer to anything. There was a void regarding the true nature of Tiger Woods. His own father admits that he was programmed from infancy. I say lets take a careful look at this super athlete and the state of art of mind control at that time. I take it to the limit of possibilities. That’s all. The bottom line is that the despots perfect army is a super cyborg army. Himmler tried to mold the SS into (programmed auto behavior) cyborgs. In theory, Jesuits are programmed to blindly follow orders. The Jesuits were Himmler’s early model for the SS. CIA agents do the same. If I mis-spoke about 6 billion, it was a mistake. The SS slaughtered from 6-10 million human beings during WWII by programmed auto behavior. I can’t overlook that. Whether it is the occult, Illuminati or the NWO, I am an outsider looking in. What I know is what I read and experienced. In 1969, I captured a mind controlled assassin with exploding bullets which started my journey in the Search of Black Assassins. My sister’s friend was turned into a verified Cointelpro-Project-CHAOS assassin and convicted killer. From a first hand experience, I saw what CIA station Chief Dr. James A. Hamilton was producing at Vacaville CMF. In fact, some agents tried to draw me behind bars at Vacaville with his boys, the Black Cultural Association (BCA), but I had been warned that they wanted me dead! The BCA was the seed of the SLA. My beloved elder, Dr. Marcus A. Foster, was allegedly assassinated by the SLA. Dr. Foster told me that forces wanted me out of the way. Out of the Oakland Public Schools, where I would have been an elementary school teacher. I pleaded with him to bring the brothers in to surround him. With utter helplessness, he told me they had already taken it out of his hand. Dr. Foster was assassinated two years later. The SLA was the CIA. For me, this never has been fun and games, fun and games. YoYo, I may go to the limits of possibilities, but this SHIT is real. DEADLY REAL to us! Some of us do not have the luxury to play with the NWO or the Illuminati. We need answers and solutions now.

Thanks, Princeray

27 04 2011
Air Jordan (His Airness): You Make The Call (VIDEO) | intheknow7's Blog

[…] forensic research from MindControlAssassins on Eldrick “Tont” Tiger Woods Jordan w/MKd Michael Jackson (now deceased) […]

6 05 2011

Prince. Your research is truly amazing. I was also glad to hear you were apart of the Black Panther Party. The true teaching’s of your group were widely expressed by the young Tupak Shakur. I would say not most, but a good view of what the party actually taught, not that fake media perception. I must say the little video his high school teacher filmed of him when he was only 17, was truly a mind blowing experience to see such a young kid have such a grasp on his idea of the world. You could truly see that in his eye’s, everyone around the world was truly his brother and sister. But then you look at the way he was portrayed in the media as a no loving thug, that hated the world. 2 very differing contrast. Some people may ask why, but it’s in plain site. It’s sad to say that this is the way it is, but you know they could never have an educated well spoken black man on TV talking the real stuff he felt. They needed that dude hanging out the window, flipping the world the bird. I can totally agree with your research about Tiger Wood’s being a Black Manchurian Canidate. It’s so comical that you can actually watch a movie titled “Machurian Canidate,” and pretty much understand what these programs are all about. Oh but movie’s are “fake,” and the story lines are completely fiction. So laughable, that’s real comedy. I just wanted to say thank you for bringing this research to light with so much fact an evidence backing it up. I don’t see how any one can dispute it. I notice you comment back. If i may ask. What do you think about this new Black Panther Party that have been showing up to poll station’s in a couple cities? I saw a couple videos floating around out there. Is this just another distraction type group? More in-fighting? I hope all have a good evening, even the haters. 1LuV.

17 05 2011

Dear Iluvovrearth,

There is some interesting sources that link Tupac to violating a blood covenant for fame and fortune. The sources also mention Quincy Jones and his links to Tupac’s death and a powerful Hollywood homosexual Satanic Cult. See Tupac, Breaking th Oath: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gyx-OVhaCbU

Remarkedly, I came upon Tupac in Oakland when he was in Digital Underground. He was being arrested after being taken down by OPD. I was drawn to him from some distance by some type of karma. I didn’t know who he was but I had been drawn to him. As he was waiting for an OPD transport to jail surrounded by two big corn bread eating cops, I stopped and tried to communicate and link with him. For some reason, I had a compulsion to go down with him, but he wouldn’t look up. He kept rapping to himself as if in trance. He blocked me out. I knew then that he took too much understanding among himself. Tupac was a child of the Black Revolution. I don’t think that he took this seriously to know his very existence was a threat. His very birth had been a threat to the system, but he took too much understanding to himself. You’re right. Tupac had remarkable strong subconscious and conscious link to the struggle that was at the root of his existence. The other day, I watched “Poetic Justice.” In one scene, Tupac is sitting in front of that famous Huey P. Newton poster. Any artist that project Huey in mass media is a threat. The image of Huey P. Newton as he was before MK ULTRA programming is a powerful vehicle, message and statement. Tupac had great potential as an inspiration and leader. In his work, there are links. You can not play games with Luciferians. Our very existence is a threat to their pseudo-racialist twisted understanding of the world. Remember as a rule of construction that approximately 20% of their disinformation is factual. They are not original. They have to borrow to create their realities. You job is to determine the 20% and discard the 80% deception.

Thanks, Princeray

18 08 2011
Mind Kontrolle For The Masses: Paneum Et Circenses & Doll Worship (VIDEO) | intheknow7's Blog

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26 08 2011
50yrs of MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra BETA Sex Slaves (VIDEO) | intheknow7's Blog

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31 12 2011

Awakened peoples of whole world MUST Support Braveheart hero Dr. Bashar Al-ASSAD for saving civilization in the MidEast!
If Mr Bashar ASSAD goes then ABSOLUTELY begins SECOND HOLOCAUST on ARMENIAN CHRISTIAN poor innocent peoples…-♥•`¸¸´•♥-

15 03 2012

Dear Hayastan,

I am not aware of Dr. Bashar AL-ASSAD, but I will know and find out.

Thanks, Princeray

7 07 2014
Kushite Prince

“Criterion No. 2: Tiger Woods Developed Big Black Brute Operative Personality Obsessed with Blond Blue-Eyed Maidens

Prior to the public drama of the weekend of Thanksgiving 2009, Woods had an impeccable squeaky clean international image. In lieu of the magnitude of scandalous and outlandish revelations of the secret world of Tiger and his blond blue-eyed maidens, Woods’ image appeared to have been carefully manufactured, crafted and protected to benefit some future NWO agenda.

Tiger’s Blond Blue-Eyed Maidens, a dozen porn stars, cocktail waitresses and a party girl with connections to 9-11, may yet turn out to be an assortment of CIA Monarch mind controlled sex slaves and operatives.”


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